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It can be said that a "young person" is someone who has left adolescence and who is entering the age of beginning to take on the responsibilities of an adult. According to the World Health Organization, youth goes, in general, from 19 to 25 years old [1].

Youth then is the stage before adulthood and it should begin to prepare people to have an independent life, finish their professional training, work and start generating the resources that allow them to build a family or face an adult life responsible, independent and autonomous.

What happens then within the Churches, where we have "Youth Ministries" where its members spend 35 years in length, still single and without "boyfriend / girlfriend", living with "Papi & Mami"?

What happens in the churches where those who should be thinking about preparing themselves to understand and live the Word, in order to form a family settled in the Rock do not do it and instead continue with the "Holy Mercy" of singing hollow songs 3 hours a day meeting, several times a week?

What happens in the churches where the "Young singles of 30" are still not prepared to support themselves economically?

They usually have countless meetings of "Service" to attend to the children of others who in their youth were not prepared, spending the time they should invest in their training so that tomorrow their children are not the same as those who are now Helping.

The function of the Church is to train priests from their home, who can minister to their wives and their children in all stages: childhood, pre-adolescence, adolescence and youth, understanding that they are chained stages that prepare us to have a responsible adult life, and continue the cycle forming the next generation. The basis of a mature society resides in the maturity of the parents.

Week 70 is about to begin, leave as much "Holy Mercy", and take charge of your life assuming responsibilities.

Immaturity, Priests of the home, Parents.


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