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         Theology, as human thought about God, has never been given in a historical vacuum. There has always been a context that has determined it, has allowed its emergence or has forced it [1]. " Theologian Alberto F. Roldán.

         The theological activity is never done in a vacuum, but within a historical-cultural framework. That is why to study a theologian (or study theology, my add) should be done within its context. John Bowden and James Richmond, "Historical Introduction".

            For this very reason, it is necessary first to establish the framework in which theology must act in this present century, which is what I present in this First Part
It is necessary to consider that the contemporary theology of the twentieth century emerged as a response to the crises provoked by the two world wars, a clear "failure" of Humanism arising from the "Philosophical Revolution" initiated in the sixteenth century, which proposed to create " Better "and he obviously did not get it.

            In the early years of the 21st century, there was a deepening of inequality between the "Central Countries" and the "Periphery" as Karl Marx called it, and I quote it because the looting of the "ex-colonies" still remains, disguised as "Foreign trade" agreements: China buys us soy, because it is better business for them to buy it than to plant it themselves and ruin their land (quite contaminated already), so they prefer to ruin ours (polluting the soil and the beds with glyphosates Making them useless for future generations) and paying for the grain, for us, a true "Chinese Business".

The same philosophy applies the Barrick Gold in the mines to "Open Sky" province of San Juan - Argentina: They take the gold and we leave the cyanide. Wonderful!!

As if this were not enough:

A. WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS (Matthew 24.6, Luke 21:10)

                I. The North subjecting the South economically (the planisphere is still represented in that way, (the dominant North up and the South dominated below) and the West (read Western Roman Empire - USA, NATO, EU) entering into a Seeing the one who has the biggest bomb to test in Syria (alternatively Afghanistan) or the fastest, lethal and powerful airplane in the Baltic, The Black Sea or the North Sea.

             II. Kim Jong-un continues to dangerously tease the angry Donald Trump with his Intercontinental Missiles.

          III. China continues to build artificial islands in the South China Sea in order to extend its sovereignty, as the country that controls the islands will have the largest concession of 2.25 million km2 in the South China Sea and all fishing And oil under it [3].


                I. Evidence that Earth has entered a new geological age due to the impact of human activity is already "overwhelming," according to a new study by an international team of scientists led by the University of Leicester. The entry into this new geological age, baptized Anthropocene, could have occurred in the middle of the last century and was marked by the massive consumption of materials such as aluminum, concrete, plastics, the consequences of nuclear tests around the planet , And global overheating because of the "Greenhouse Effect" due to the high consumption of fossil fuels [4]. The wild fauna is the target of serious annihilations, reason why scientists augur that the sixth massive extinction approaches. The specialists found that billions of species were lost and blame overpopulation and human overconsumption by this crisis that also threatens the survival of civilization.

             II. Global warming is raising the level of the oceans, which, for countries such as the Republic of Marshall, Vanatu, Maldivias, Kiribati, Tuvalu and much of the Carolinas (All these territories are very low on the Sea level), this simply means a condemnation to disappear [6]. As He left written (Luke 21:11).

          III. Recent cases of anthrax in the extreme north of Russia, due to global warming, reveal the health hazard of the thawing of permafrost, the frozen soil layer containing harmful viruses, some for millennia [7]. In the Yamal peninsula 2500 kilometers northeast of Moscow, one boy died and another 23 people became ill with anthrax in July 2016. Scientists believe that the resurgence of the disease is probably due to the de-freezing of a dead reindeer corpse Anthrax decades ago. Once released, the deadly bacteria (a bacillus) infected numerous reindeer herds. There is danger that the same thing happens with the smallpox virus and scientists have discovered several "giant viruses". Meanwhile (as can be seen in the photo published in my note [8]), the owner of the reindeer who would be analyzed by a state employee protected from head to toe, is in the same state of defenselessness as their animals . (Luke 21:11).


            Drug trafficking, crime, murder, terror, prostitution, gangs, human trafficking, etc ... and corruption at all levels (Municipal, Government, Politics, Justice, etc.) El Narco offers an easy "exit" to the marginalized youth, without studies or work. El Narco does not ask for any title to give them an occupation like "Soldadito", "Dealer" (distributor), "Mula" (mail) or Sicario (paid murderer) and prostitution available for girls. All this undermines the social structure of poor neighborhoods (leaving voids for the death of entire generations). The evangelization of poor neighborhoods is one of the objectives of the evangelistic work of the Church.


            In the same way that science and technology during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries revolutionized industry, and by drag, economy, society and culture, in this present time, the technology of robotics, communications and intelligence Artificial, have been announcing for a couple of years the profound metamorphosis that human society will suffer. From 2014, the "Internet" of the People burst into the market, and now in 2018 the "5G" is coming, the Internet of Things, which is the starting point for our devices to talk "to each other and to exchange information".

According to a World Bank report, workers are being speedily replaced by robots in the most routine manual tasks.

            One of these reports, published in the newspaper Clarín [10], explains that in Argentina only 60% of jobs can be automated. It can be delayed more or less, according to the rhythm that takes the incorporation of technology. Robots can now be seen in libraries, banks, taxi companies, supermarkets and medical offices. The change that will deepen in the next 15 years, according to a survey of private consulting firm Accenture.

            For Guillermo R. Simari, PhD in Computer Science and professor of Artificial Intelligence at Universidad Nacional del Sur, jobs at risk are "those involving routine tasks that do not make use of human capacity. ATMs, street cleaners, bus drivers, trucks and taxis will eventually run out of work because it's going to be safer and more efficient by machines. " The new mass communication tools also remove jobs: At the beginning of 2016, the Central Bank authorized to send the card summaries by e-mail: Gratuitous shot for postmen. In the current structure, the poor and those living on the margins of society have the sad fate of being poor with unskilled labor (read slave); In the scheme that comes, the poor and marginalized will not even have that: They will be replaced by robots. The Rich will be much richer and the poor will fight for their survival, a kind of "THE GAMES OF HUNGER" in real life.


            As we saw in Raymond Winling's book "A WORLD IN CHANGE", for much of the population, the consequences of the crisis of the humanist system (which started in the 16th century and culminated in the twentieth century with the Two World Wars, Communist Revolution, Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, the fall of the USSR and Communism (less in Cuba, of course), the degradation of capitalism to the state of "Wild", and a couple of other things in between) have been:

 I. The rejection of the idealization of the past: Perfection is not sought in previous times; Perfection is considered as the logical result of a movement that obeys the law of progress

II. The contempt for tradition: The criticism of the structures defined by Christianity and
Inherited from the past: institutions, family; Criticism of traditional values, with the
Pretext that they do not adapt to modern man.

            This has led to the appearance of the LGTB Movement in the late 1960's [11]. This movement was organized and gave rise to what is now known as "The Fifth Column": Groups that generate intrigues and conspiracies within organizations and governments. The members of some institutions called "Church" (which have nothing to do with the True Church, ie those who walk in the Truth [12]) because of ignorance or denial of the Word, do not consider homosexuality sin, its false Pastors and false teachers did not put the emphasis on Scripture on the subject, and for this reason the "Churches" have a large number of homosexual persons, who even participated in the ministry.

            These movements, which have known how to lobby and settle in the high spheres of Political Power, are beginning to unleash a persecution of the Churches that do not communion with the "Gender Ideology". Some emblematic cases:

I. October 2014 Two Christian pastors in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (USA), faced legal punishment or being forced to sell their nearly 100-year-old marriage chapel for refusing to perform ceremonies of " Marriage "[13].

II. October 2014 Texas Mayor Annise Parker, openly a lesbian confessed and a practitioner, has demanded that a group of pastors deliver sermons on homosexuality or gender identity and, according to her, those who do not comply could be brought to court. At least five Christian leaders are under investigation, so they have been asked for copies of sermons preached in their churches, after receiving complaints for criticizing the "gay lifestyle." The mayor says pastors who preach from the pulpit against homosexuals will have to respond legally for "discrimination." But Rev. David Welch, executive director of the Pastor Texas Council, also received a subpoena and said he will not be intimidated by the mayor: "We will not give up our First Amendment rights," Welch said. "This is absolutely a total abuse of authority [14]".

III. October 2014 Gilbert Breedlove, a 57-year-old ordained judge and pastor, must have relinquished his public office in North Carolina for refusing to hold gay weddings [15].

IV. September 2015 Kentucky official Kim Davis was sent to prison for contempt, after refusing to register gay marriages. She was finally released and dropped out of office. [16]

V. While in the Roman and Orthodox Churches they flatly reject the practice of homosexual relations (for the congregation, since among Catholic priests there are many scandals of homosexuality and abuse of minors of the same sex) based on Christian tradition , As well as in the traditional and literal interpretation of the Old Testament and New Testament texts on the subject, there is a great diversity of opinions and practices among homosexuals among the Christian Churches. Other strands also reject any non-condemnatory approach to the subject of homosexuality, including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the evangelical denominations attached to the Christian fundamentalist movement. On the other hand, there are churches, generally in the Protestant area, that either are tolerant of homosexuality or there is a lively debate within the denomination (the Anglican Church and some Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian churches), or they fully accept the fact and Homosexual practice and even bless marriage marriages of this type (primarily Congregationalists and Unitarians).

In Argentina, the Equal Marriage Law has been passed: "The debate on legislation authorizing same-sex marriage began in Argentina from the national campaign for legal equality launched by the Argentine Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans, under the slogan "The same rights, with the same names". It is noteworthy that in Argentina the term egalitarian marriage was used to refer to the reform of the Civil Code, because it was understood, in a part of society, that it was the search for equality among its inhabitants [17]. At the time that the Law of Equal Marriage was debated in Buenos Aires, the Catholic Church called the "Resistance", ACIERA adhered, but most of the "Anointed" did not say a word, not even talked about the subject And less to do a corporate prayer, at that time I congregated in the most important Neo-Pentecostal Church in Argentina, (in the neighborhood of Belgrano), there the silence was total and absolute, as if nothing was happening. Truly embarrassing.

            The implementation of the "Gender Ideology" that can be perceived even in idiomatic turns (like the classic "All and All" by former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner) has led to the acceptance of transsexuals, gays and lesbians in All areas such as teaching ("Trans teachers", even kindergarten), sports ("formerly transformed males" who want to compete in women's sports teams), the imposition on official schools in "free choice" Of sex "as if it had not been defined since gestation in the genetics of the newborn. Parents who want to teach their children something else, contrary to what they receive in the education system (which is Law), are exposed to economic penalties and penalties as if they were criminals.
As it is written: 1 You must also know that in the last days, before the end of the world, people will face many difficulties. 2 There will be selfish people, interested only in earning more and more money. There will also be proud people, who will believe themselves more important than others. They will not respect God or obey their parents, but will be ungrateful and offend all. 3 They will be cruel and violent, they will not be able to control their evil desires, they will fill with hatred, they will tell lies about others, and they will hate all that is good. 4 You can not trust those proud, because they will act without thinking. Instead of obeying God, they will only do as they please. 5 They will say that they love and respect God, but with their behavior they will prove the contrary. 2 Timothy 2: 1-5 TLA.


The whole of the Big and Megas Churches and most of the small Churches, are crossed by the Postmodernity. Their leaders have turned to Neo-Pentecostalism and the Gospel of Prosperity, away from theology and tucked in the Metaphysical Gnosticism disguised as Christianity. For those in Neo-Pentecostalism, natural reality can be modified by means of "Declarations of Power", as in Metaphysics. Unlike the Metaphysicians, who create their own "Declarations," the neo-Pentecostals take loose verses or part of biblical verses (obviously the part that serves their obscure purposes) and manipulate them (out of context) as if it were a Magical Prayer , A kind of "Christian Abracadabra". Likewise, positive statements (even denying reality) have their origin in the same principle: Projecting a "Positive Thinking" to change the natural reality "Supernaturally with the power of your mind," no matter what the Will of God [18]. (Ezekiel 13: 1-16)

Why have they turned to Magic in this way? Simply because they grow up, do not preach of repentance, Scripture is not taught, all texts are taken out of context. Three-hour cults, of which two hours are of empty songs that are repeated in the style of the mantras (in the Spirit, of course), then a "succulent" preaching of two verses and a concordance, that is to say about 10 minutes. The remaining 50 minutes are occupied by the "Anointed One" to "Declare and Decree" distributing material goods and various successes as if they were sweets, which the congregation receives among tears, trembling, convulsions, fainting and exclamations in "Strange Tongues."

The "metaphysicians" replaced Christ with Saint Germain. The Prosperity Evangelists (who, according to them, are "True disciples of Christ and representatives of the old Pentecostal Church of the first century") do not handle themselves as openly as the metaphysicians: They put Jesus in the "Center" but in the Facts, only their decrees and those of the Anointed One matter, and God will have to fulfill them (it does not matter if He thinks it right or not, they already "Decree" it). PATHETIC.

People who congregate 30 years ago and have not read their entire Bible, not once .... Persons who can not understand for themselves any Biblical (and non-biblical) text and who take as a prophet to anyone who declares that they will be prospered Economically, they will be entrepreneurs and will drive their own 4x4 pickup truck, for which they only have to "Deal with God" by depositing their money in the bank account of the "Anointed One", obviously. As it is written, they have made merchandise of the people (2 Peter 2.1-3).



[1] Foreword to the Anthology of Texts of Contemporary Theology FIET. Professor Alberto F. Roldan.
[2] Glyphosate is a herbicide that has recently been classified by the World Health Organization as "probably carcinogenic to humans" /
[5] What is the difference between the two? Was expecting
[7] How to get rid of this virus?
[8] What is the best thing to do?
[9] What is it?
[11] Origin of the LGTB: In the early hours of June 28, 1969, a particularly violent police raid against a group of homosexuals who were celebrating in the Stonewall pub, located in the New York neighborhood of Greenwich Village. The gay community cites this episode as the "Beginning of the Struggle" for their rights. That is why on that date the "Gay Pride Marches" are held worldwide. Non-heterosexuals were organized into a social and political movement generally known as LGBT, which seeks to achieve social normalization and equalization of rights of homosexuals (gays and lesbians), transsexuals, bisexuals, etc. ... with heterosexuals. Post a note on this at
[12] 2nd John 1.4

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