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God Himself puts the marks on the Ministry, God made Himself selfless (Philippians 2: 7) and became a man among men (John 1:14), a poor man among all those in the world and from that poverty released To the humanity of the Empire of Sin and Death by giving it Salvation and enriching it in faith, hope and gifts.

Since then, each Missionary has generally followed this "Modus Operandi":

to. To strip themselves of their well-being
B. Getting poor with the poor
C. Work for the welfare of the poor.

This scheme implies a renunciation of one's life, in the sense of leaving aside all personal aspiration. I recently wrote a post on this subject * Theology of Liberation in Action * where I present the story of the Catholic Priest Pablo Pedro Opeka born in 1948 in San Martín, province of Buenos Aires - Argentina, who lives 47 years ago in Madagascar, where Since 1989 he manages the Akamasoa Humanitarian Association ("good friends" in Malagasy), which is dedicated to helping people who are in poverty by applying the social doctrine of the Church.

Why does a man become a Missionary? For that was called by God, in the same way that others are called to serve their neighbor as firemen or rescuers or doctors, nurses, rural teachers, etc ... The call of God who chooses some to take care of those who are In need, marginalized, poor or sick, an issue that I have already discussed in the post * God deals with the poor *.

Now, we understand that only by a call from God can man perform actions that involve his self-denial, not by his own merit, but by the call, which is irresistible. Therefore, if you do not have the burning desire to go to Misionar, Pastorear, evangelizar, to teach, or anything else, it is because you do not have the call.

Another important point that emerges from what is said is that God puts the call for a ministry, which implies self-denial, personal sacrifice, becoming poor with the poor and working for the common good, what can we understand The "Anointed" who follow the reverse path ?: The "Anointed ones" were poor and enriched with the money of the poor that they were supposed to shepherd. The "Anointed" worked to achieve their self-realization (being rich) at the rib of the congregation. Do you still believe they are sent from the Lord?

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