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In the post *SMOKE SELLERS* [1] commented that the reason for the existence of these sinister characters, is because there is a public eager to consume the smoke that they sell.

The messages from the "Anointed Sold Smoke" are something like:

"This is a special night, something tremendous is about to happen, a night of Power, Miracles, Healings, Revival, God wants to bless you enormously, you want to restore ... all dreams that have not been now are yet to be realized, create and receive The Miracle you were waiting for ... Receive, Receive !! "
The fact is that every night that the "Apostle" preaches, it is always a special night where all that and more will happen. What strikes me is that some of these "Smoke Sellers" have the same speech for 20, 25 or 30 years and people are still waiting for something they said to happen. And because? Because nobody sells what someone else does not want to buy, so it is much more interesting to analyze "buyers of smoke," those who choose by their own will to accept that which makes more noise, but contains less essence.

It could be defined as people who have needs (like all) and who do not find the exit to certain problems, that can be grouped in three areas:

to. Personal fulfillment: The classic case of Little Brother Carlos, who in his life did nothing, and for that reason he has not been able to stand out in any way, therefore he has not received (nor will he receive) any recognition Suddenly they propose to be "Authority" within a structure of power in a closed community. Needless to say, "Brother Carlitos" who "Imposes Hands on the Altar" coming out of the door of the "Temple" does not know anyone.

B. Inter-family relationships Inter-family and interpersonal relationships are complex, based on the fact that it is difficult for us to get along well with ourselves. This is one of the areas where these Mega structures make some contribution of value, helping to improve these aspects.

C. The economic and social position I live in Argentina, so my speech is from the vision as Argentine: There are countries where the economic takeoff is fomented from the policies of State, then that inhabitant who strives and prepares, will have a growth Economic - social. In Argentina is different, only those who are geniuses or those who are corrupt and delinquents, especially Sell Smoke (politicians, "Anointed", deceivers, liars and drug traffickers) thrive. As most of us are neither geniuses nor criminals, we are all our lives trying to become economically well. "Shepherds Sell Smoke" promise prosperity through their Power Statements to all who submit to their authority and recognize them as "Anointed."

D. Ignorance of Scripture, this is a fundamental characteristic of the "Buyers of Evangelical Smoke" a profound ignorance of the Word ... thirty years of gathering and reading the same Book without ever reading it and less understanding it, not knowing where it came from or saying, nor Who wrote them, neither when nor why. Ignorance that is fed by the system of preaching loose verses out of context.

Week 70 is about to begin. Stop buying smoke, do not stay outside.



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The TOMO 1 de TESOROSdeSABIDURIA.COM & LASEMANA70.COM  is available for purchase in e-book in Spanish in the following platforms

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