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In the post *TRUTHALLY CALLED TO SERVICE* [1] I say that those who have a vocation of Service - both inside and outside the Church - are called by God, because to carry out their "Ministry" they must renounce their own security and comfort In favor of the neighbor - next.

But beyond the "Public Ministries" Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, or outside the Church, such as Firefighters, Teachers, Rescuers. Nurses, Doctors, etc ... there are also "Private Ministries", such as: Dad, Mom, Grandparents, Husband / A that also involve the three points exposed in the previous post:
  1. Depriving themselves of their own well-being The elder will undoubtedly put the child before himself for love. The husband will sacrifice himself for his wife. The mother for the children, the grandparents for the grandchildren.
  2. Take part for the most needy. The elder will take part with the most needy of the family and will help them without hesitation.
  3. Work for the welfare of the weakest. The elderly will work for the weakest in the group and will strengthen them, the case of the elderly and the youngest
  4. Although it is true that we are not all called to the "Public Prosecutor" if we are all "Private" instead.

Within the realm of faith, men are called to officiate the Priesthood in the house, giving the example of Christian life, teaching the Word and praying and interceding for our family.
The Ministry of Pastor or Teacher, has the purpose of preparing the congregation for the Private Ministry.
So stop thinking that if you do not preach, you direct the Praise, Evangelize, or Teaches 10,000 people you are a "Christian that does not serve", God has reserved for you "Ministries at home" and to serve your neighbor ( Society) with your work and your taxes.

What would be of the city without the bakers, or the bus drivers, or those who deliver the correspondence? Do your work with joy knowing that if you do it conscientiously, you will be blessing many people. Christ, before his Public Ministry, served his community as a carpenter.


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