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In chapter XII of the book "FROM EDEN TO THE NATIONS" we address the criticisms of the biblical accounts of Gen. 1-11. The texts of Gen. 6 and 7, like the other chapters in section 1-11, have two well-defined lines of interpretation:

The literal interpretation: First are the "orthodox" creationists, to be defined in some way, who literally interpret the Scripture (For example take "day" in Genesis I as a period of 24 hours; The outer space, Gen. 1.6 - really is an ocean of water, etc. ...) This attitude taken to the extreme, ends up arousing rejection, rather than attraction. It is necessary to understand that the simplicity of the narrative, as opposed to the implicit complexity of the story, arouses among people many doubts and even more among scholars. The issues raised by high criticism, such as the problem of space, care, food, habitats and animal management, are real objections.

Non-Literal Interpretation: While other believers, who we call unorthodox, interpret the Scriptures in a fact-based way, relating them to scientific truths and logical reasons, not interpreting the Scripture from Genesis 1 to Genesis 11 as a scientific or historical text, is Saying, not literally taking the information, but considering the mostly metaphorical, partly allegorical, poetic, theological, timeless, moral and ethical story. It is necessary to understand that the criticisms made by these "unorthodox" believers (to identify them in any way) are not contrary to the Word, but to the main creationist arguments and the results of studies that seek to prove (forcibly and in a pseudo-scientific way ) That the story of the Ark can be treated as a secular history [1], when in fact although we can study and analyze it, we will only believe it by faith and not by reason. For the innumerable questions of how Noah was able to overcome the difficulties of building, loading, provisioning and caring for animals, simply the best answer we can offer is: "By the grace and mercy of God," since no There is a way to respond effectively and satisfactorily to most issues.

To the material already published I add this reflection: It is necessary to take into account that the Truth must be reflected in reality. The Word acts and prints the Will of God on the Material World in a direct way [2]. When the interpretation of Scripture does not conform to Reality, such an interpretation is erroneous. The "orthodox" assume their interpretation as a revealed truth and therefore they are offended and tear the garments when someone is discussed. The reaction of the orthodox is to disqualify the objector, treating him as "Apostate who denies the Word" when what is discussed is not the Scripture but the interpretation of it.

I will give two examples of how The Word of God is a Truth that is imprinted in Reality:

  1. In Genesis 3, because of disobedience, the incipient humanity falls from grace. Then God says to Adam: "You are dust and you will return to dust" announcing to him that his days were numbered. The phrase "You are dust and you will return to dust" was, for many years, a poetic way of describing death as man's destiny, until science was mature to establish that the sentence as well as poetic is literal: The human body ( Like all Creation) is composed of the same elements, which once the body loses the vital energy, re-join the Earth. The iron of the human blood is equal to that of the tomato, to the core of the Earth, and to the Meteorites that cross outer space [3].
  2. In Genesis 2:24 the Scripture says that "a man shall join himself to his wife, and they shall be one flesh," which becomes literal when the sperm is fertilized by the spermatozoid, the genetic charge of man and woman unite to To form a new life, a single flesh. But the process of human fertilization could not be understood in all its phases until a long time ago, being until then another "poetic phrase".

The Word is True and printed in reality, some parts we can "read" and understand, although others have not yet.

Estimados, ya está disponible el libro digital " DE EDÉN A LAS NACIONES"
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Truth, Reality, Orthodoxy, Liberal, Intelligent Interpretation.

[1] Taking into account that history is taken as facts and documented situations and that for these reasons can not be denied or debated.
[2] See the post "THE MARK OF THE TRUTH" http://www.tesorosdesabiduria.com/2017/04/la-marca-de-la-verdad-by-fabian-massa.html
[3] See "THE KITCHEN OF GOD" http://www.tesorosdesabiduria.com/2013/02/el-chef.html
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