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In this post, the carnal is a person who walks in the light of his miserable humanity, in his nature, in his wisdom, outside the counsel of God, "Carnal Shepherds" are those who prophesy from their own heart (Ezekiel 13: 16).

These prophesy of their own desire, without God saying anything to them, and not minding that their preaching is at least aligned with Scripture.

These false Anointed:

* DECLARATE *, Open skies, not taking into account that the Lord has closed them for something.

* PROPETIZAN *, Blessings to all and all ... without looking that now the great majority is cursed because of sin, idolatry, evil and moral corruption.

* Decree *, that evil will not reach the Nation, when more than two centuries ago that evil is already installed comfortably since the colonization.

* ANNOUNCE *, That the Nation is Land of Peace, when for twenty years the Drug Trafficking and the gangs are multiplying

* AFFIRM, * A revival, when they do not preach of repentance and their churches are spiritually boring.

* ESTABLISH *, Only by decree an ecclesiastical authority on the population that the same has never recognized.

* IMPARTIR *, New Life, when their congregations are more than dead in the carnality that they preach to them.

* IRRUMPIR *, In the darkness of Evil in the Nation, but they can not even impose order in their own neighborhood.

* SEAL *, the Nation with a "Genuine Cult" when they do not have a theology that conforms to Scripture.

* LIFT *, His voice to call for prosperity, never because there is a true conversion and the unbelievers (and the "supposed believers) have a New Birth

* BLESSING *, Declining economic prosperity, without first turning to holiness.

* Sanctify * The un-sanctifiable, to the extent that there is no repentance or conviction of sin

* RETAIN AND SUBMIT * To the Enemy without moral authority when they practice a "Gospel of Prosperity".

And the worst thing is that a lot of "naive" to call them somehow say "Amen" to all these statements.

If the "Declarations of Power" of your Anointed are so powerful, why do not you pray for the Chaco boys, so that there are no more deaths from child malnutrition?

Or by the violence in the Grand Rosary, prey of the Narco, or by the Officials, who are some more corrupt than others?

Or why do not they simply go to hospitals and "Decree Health" for all the sick?

Simply because nothing would happen if nothing happened ...

Week 70 is coming ... Awake you who sleep, and also you who slept. If you want to know how to deal with a population that is cursed because of their bad deeds, read Joel and you will have some guidelines for doing a well-made spiritual work, based on the preaching that leads to repentance.



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