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A note on Sir Winston Churchill (November 30, 1874 - January 24, 1965) was published in the May 11, 2017 issue of The Nation, to mark the 77th anniversary of being appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In this memo are remembered seven famous phrases of Churchill. Each one of them has a great sense:

1. "Success consists in being able to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm". It implies a culture of work, effort and improvement in pursuit of a clear objective. Every attempt, even if it fails, is an experience that brings us closer to being able to do well. The one who does is wrong, says a popular saying. The one who is never wrong is the one who never did anything.

2. "I am optimistic. It does not seem very useful to be anything else." Beyond adversity, the issue is how we take life and is connected to the previous premise: A person with culture of effort, will always try to get ahead, without abandoning the struggle. If the person is a believer, there is also a theme of faith, in which God will help.

3. "Do you have enemies?" Well, that means that you defended something, sometime in your life. It is important for the Church today, where everyone wants to be well with all ... friend, it is necessary to take sides, that will give you friends and also enemies. You can not be right with God and with the Devil, you have to compromise. The Big Lie of Evangelicalism today is the "Distortion of Love: Do not confront the brother, tell him what he wants to hear to feel loved" when in fact you have to confront him to see what is right and what not according to Word.

4. "Time and money are interchangeable terms". Time is valuable, do not miss it. Is it worth it that you spend your time (your life) teaching those who do not want to learn? Do not be confused in thinking that because you have taught them and fulfilled your part, the command is "To make disciples" not throw pearls to those who show no real interest "Do not give holy to dogs, nor throw your pearls before pigs, Lest they be trampled underfoot, and they turn and tear you to pieces. " (RV60 Matthew 7.6).

5. "A pessimist sees the difficulty at every opportunity, an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." The pessimists continually complain about everything, but do nothing to improve it, and when there is someone who wants to change things, only criticize.

6. "To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change in a row." Change requires courage and humility, effort and recognition of one's mistakes. He who changes nothing is because he believes that he is perfect. The unchanging Church is steeped in its own errors, in its own imperfection in its own "Dogma." Today most of the "Christian" Churches are immersed in a liturgy that reflects a theology wrong, at best, and others directly crossed by worldliness. Calvin said "Reformed Church, always Reformed"

7. "History is going to be kind to me, because I'm going to write it." A maker of things, he is an actor in history. A person who does not do, is only a spectator of life, a condemned to applaud the success of others and to settle with nothingness. I am not talking about appearing in the books of "Universal History" but about the history of one's life: that I can write about my own history, my efforts, successes, failures, learning, family ... , Is that I did little or almost nothing.

Week 70 is on the doorstep, persevere, have faith, be optimistic, committed even if you generate enemies, do not waste your time with people who do not value it, every adversity creates an opportunity and write your own story.


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