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In chapter XIII of the book "DE EDÉN A LAS NACIONES [1]" we deal with the subject of expeditions, some serious and some not so much, in search of Noah's Ark. Here the extract:

Were there serious archaeological expeditions to search for the Ark? Summary of alleged archaeological discoveries of the Noah's Ark.

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Archeological Expeditions [2]

  1. Marco Polo wrote in his book The Travels of Marco Polo: "In the heart of the Ararat Mountains, there is a cup-shaped mountain where tradition says that the Ark of Noah rests ..."
  2. In 1616 Sir Walter Raleigh in his book History of the World, dedicates several chapters to the subject of the Ark, locating its possible place in Mount Orient.
  3. In 1829 Dr. Loro led a campaign in Ararat, which he later described in his book Viaje al Ararat, where he emphasized that the inhabitants of the whole region believed in the existence of the Ark stranded in one of the mountains. Ron Wyatt, in the 1990s (1990) also visited the area and on the official website of the Wyatt Foundation [5] publishes the same statement as Dr. Loro.
  4. In 1876 the historian James Bryce ascended to Ararat and found a piece of wood which he attributed to the Ark.
  5. In 1883 the British Prophetic Messenger Ministry reported that Turkish soldiers reported that they had sometimes seen the Ark.
  6. In 1916, Vladimir Rosskowizky, a Russian explorer, claimed to have found a boat half-buried under ice at an altitude of 4 000 masl [6] on Mount Ararat. Shortly before the Russian Revolution overthrew it, Tsar Nicholas II sent an expedition that ratified the discovery of the Ark and extracted evidence that was considered as definitive. The Soviet Revolution [7] and the end of the tsarist regime caused that evidence to be lost forever.
  7. After World War II, former astronaut James Irwin [7] led seven expeditions to Ararat, but he could not find anything. That same year, Aaron Smith, dean of the University of the Peoples Bible (Greensboro, North Carolina, USA) was not successful in his expedition either.
  8. After World War II, many climbers or explorers have reported seeing or finding fragments of the Ark near the top of Mount Ararat, in addition to several documentaries, some quite serious about the subject, including satellite tracking and photos taken At high altitude. Explorations have been limited because the geopolitical situation of the area (especially during the Cold War [9]) has prevented the authorization of promotions by countries that converge or have converged in their geographical boundaries with the Ararat area: Armenia, Iran, Turkey (current) and former member countries of the old USSR
  9. In 1949, a Turkish-American expedition photographed what would be known in the future as the "Anomaly of Ararat".
  10. In 1955 news came again about its alleged discovery when a French alpinist named Fernand Navarra claimed to have observed a wooden structure at more than 4 000 meters above sea level and identified as Noah's Ark. In addition, he provided a black wooden crossbar.
  11. In 1959, the Turkish aviator İlhan Durupınar photographed what he believed was the trace of a boat between some ice fields in Ararat. Later it would be known as the Ararat Anomaly. This anomaly is an unusual geological formation that seems to have been depositary of the ark, since it presents / displays the form of a ship as they are known at the moment and whose measures are quite similar to those described in the Bible. This geological anomaly found at 4 600 m altitude in the Iranian sector was identified, in turn, in 1974 by satellites.
  12. The most recent expedition, in 2010, was composed of Chinese and Turkish researchers who assured, (99.99%) that they had found an important portion of the vessel. Such discoveries included a compartmentalized section of wood dated by the method of carbon 14 (C14) in 4,800 years and which could have housed animals, since it looked like a manger. Nevertheless, at the same time that the discovery was announced, a group of Christian scientists assured that it was a fraudulent assembly in cooperation with the peasantry of the zone.

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[2]; Http://;
[4] Sir Walter Raleigh (1554 - 29 October 1618) was an English aristocrat, writer, poet, soldier, courtier, spy and explorer.
[6] Msnm = meters above sea level.
The term Russian Revolution groups to all the events that led to the overthrow of the tsarist regime and to the prepared establishment of another, Leninist, then between February and October of 1917. Revolución% C3% B3n_rusa
[8] James Benson Irwin was an American astronaut and the eighth man on the Moon. He was born on 17 March 1930 and died on 8 August 1991. In 1971 he participated in the Apollo 15 mission. In 1972 he founded the Christian religious group High Flight. He led seven successive expeditions to Mount Ararat in Turkey, in the fruitless search for Noah's Ark. Http://
[9] The stage that followed the USA And the old U.R.S.S. From the end of World War II to 1991.




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