Reflection. Bible Schools: Teaching that grows and provides data only. By Fabian Massa

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Professor Howard Hendricks 

The true function of the teacher is to create the most favorable conditions for self-learning ... True teaching is not imparting knowledge but which encourages students to obtain. You may say that it teaches best who teaches least [1]. 
John Milton Gregory. 

"This is the law of education. The concept behind this law is what John Milton Gregory, in his classic work The Seven Laws of Teaching [The seven laws of teaching], called the law of the process of teaching. This includes encouraging and direct the self-activities-this student is the key phrase. In fact, we could expand definition like this: The teacher must enthusiasm and self directing student activities and as a rule (although later give some exceptions), to say nothing nor do anything for him that he can learn or do for themselves same. Therefore, what is important is not what you do as a teacher, but what students do as a result of what you do [2]. "
Howard Hendricks [3]. 

Professor Hendricks revolutionized Christian education for their classes spent more than 10,000 students owe their training and many of the most important preachers and pastors US and the World. His book "Teaching to change lives" cited in this article is on the agenda of many Bible schools in the Educational field. 

But except a few honorable exceptions, very few teachers applied Institutes taught by Hendricks. One of the pillars of the proposed method is that Hendricks Professor routes the task to the students, they patterns and motivate them to self-learn, as is praying the two paragraphs beginning with this note. 

But instead of motivating, directing and guiding the self-activities of students in the Institutes is given and all served. For example, right now I'm studying Church History II. Professor (. Follows the general pattern of all teachers, a policy that is already accepted and unquestioned rule of the Department of Christian Education) provided to each student as detailed in the following table: 

Inductive Folder: 
By having the folder with all the notes, concepts, conclusions made​​, no one needs to take note in class, or prepare a summary or think: The teacher has done all this for them. 

Reading Material: 
They gave each student copies of a book, the author lost as a result of selling nearly 30 copies only in my course. 

Reading Sheets: 
3 records were given to read the key information provided by the author of the book. That is, no one had need to think about what information is vital on the subject: reading tab as indicated. 

A quiet class: 
Classes are quiet. No surprises oral lessons. The exams are multiple chance, anyone who attended classes and give you a read to approve the subject material with high notes. 

The problem is not that teachers do not know actually know. Nor is lack of love or interest. In the specific case of this history teacher, effort, his attitude is that she loves her ministry: The problem is not her, it's the system !! 

The system used today is inductive and facile. Is to give the student absolutely everything served, including conclusions that should arrive, obviating the research process, research and meditation. This way, all you have generated are generations of students who do not think, they can not do a summary, can not make a presentation, do not know and can not find information to teach simply because they can not learn. 

They are deceiving themselves, saying they give every facility helps students, when in fact canceled. I remember in my student days in the middle school level (in the previous millennium !!) teachers gave us one or at most two textbooks. We had to build our portfolio by developing themes. The teacher then corrected those folders and progress each student as suggested could improve their presentations. We had to prepare for each class a lesson, the teacher could ask the demos orally to the class or take a written exam surprise. In these oral in front of the class lessons, other students asked questions that one must answer if we knew the answer then the teacher gave a detailed explanation of which everyone drank point, were "extra" skills that were not in the texts common. This happened in the schools of public secondary education in Buenos Aires in 1970 and were young people between 13 and 18 years. 

There was no internet, when you had to get information from books outside the text of the curriculum, we appealed to the library and we took notes. 

If you do not want to admit their mistakes, but they should at least be consistent with what they teach Hendricks (after all is in the program). Generations of Christians will thank you.

If you apply the teachings of Hendricks will be forming good leaders. If they continue with, facile, inductive system of leveling down, they will be forming weak Christians, atrophied, stunted future leaders who will be more of the same. 

Week 70 is about to begin at any time, we need leaders formed to raise a strong Church.

Fabian Massa. 


[1] Teaching to change lives, Howard Hendricks. Editorial UNILIT. 
[2] Teaching to change lives, Howard Hendricks, page 40. 
[3] George Howard Hendricks (April 5, 1924 a February 20, 2013) 


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