Reflection. EI swords threaten Christianity in Europe. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator. 

Islamic Caliphate map released by EI in social networks. 

From the August 26, 2014, is being circulated in Jihadi forums and social networks open a video of EI with its classic aesthetic of black flags and images of killings and clashes in Syria. The video points directly to Spain (Al Andalus [1]) as the goal of "resurgent Caliphate". 

The message given by a voiceover continues: "Do not enjoy life, we will not rest until all Muslim prisoners are released, until we recover Jerusalem, Al Andalus conquer and occupy Rome by will of Allah" ... .Estableceremos state Islamic bomb explosions. with soldiers who see difficulties in difficulty and in battle are lions who drink the blood of the infidels. the caliphate has returned. Our state is firm. believers' hearts are healthy and of infidels with terror ...... .The Islamic State, by Allah's grace day by day expands. Behold the magnificent arise. not stop by the will of Allah. bombing will not stop until the cross is destroyed, the pigs killed, Islamic law established and the tumults of earth disappear. return to Islam through coercion, grinding sticks in your nostrils and cutting your neck "

EI terrorists aim the conquest of Spain, Rome and the Vatican and Jerusalem. 

Vice President of the Parliamentary Committee for Security of the Italian Republic (COPASIR), Giuseppe Esposito, recognizes that there is risk that the jihadist group Islamic State (EI) goes against the Vatican. The self-proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi EI, said in July 2014 that he wanted to "conquer Rome and the Vatican [2]." 

  "The Vatican is an enemy to the Islamic extremists (...), especially after the attacks on the Twin Towers," Esposito, who said that "there are only credible threats", but they must be "carefully evaluated" said . 

According to a prophecy of St. Malachy [3] (1094-1148), Archbishop Armagh, Ireland. During a visit to Rome, he had a vision of all the popes who lead the Catholic Church. Malachi turned his sights to a manuscript, where he cataloged 112 potatoes. Each pope attached a "motto" a description that would recognize. 

112: "Petrus Romanus" (Peter the Roman). The motto is: "In extreme S.R.E. psecutione Petrus Romanus sedebit pascet OUES qui multis in tribulationibus, quibus ciuitas Transactis diruetur septicollis, & Judex tremendus iudicabit populum suum. Finis ". In Spanish: "In extreme persecution, the Holy Roman Church will reign Peter the Roman who shall feed his flock among many tribulations, after which the city of seven hills [Rome] will be destroyed and Judge Terrible judge to his people." 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, led the 10/09/2014 an unusual meeting which attended the Staff of the security establishment to discuss the threat to the West and Israel of the Islamic State (EI) [4] . In the same way the Spanish authorities have analyzed the issue and are preparing for possible terrorist attacks on its territory [5]. 

This is very striking medieval revival of the Caliphate, is surreal to think that in the XXI century there are people willing to torture, behead, exterminating people because they profess their faith. And most striking is his visceral hatred against Christians. Sounds crazy, but it is not so ... it is prophesied in the Bible that in recent times Antichrist will rise [6] to persecute Christianity 

On the map of Islamic Caliphate released by EI in social networks, it can be seen occupying Turkey, Palestine, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, the entire Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Central and North Africa, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine part of Russia, the republics of the former USSR, Russian territories, etc ... with this map too many countries are threatening and intimidating with their videos have been turned against the entire international public opinion, which will support their governments in all attempts to defeat EI. 

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi not be the last Antichrist [7], for two reasons: 
NATO and EU allies most Middle Eastern countries are already starting to fight EI, and even if it takes time, defeat. 
But the most important is that it has the profile described by the prophecy. 
However, this is another sign indicating that the End Times are near. 

Everything will happen according to the prophecy, the important thing is are we ready for Week 70? 




[3] Español ;



[6] Español



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