Reflection. 42 years to read the Bible. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator. 

The world moves quickly in his mad career, the prophecies of End Times are being fulfilled before our eyes and leave posted online. 
However. Most believers do not perceive and Mega Pastors are preaching Prosperity. 

His sermons filled with "" Power "announce that" Big things come to, receive, receive, receive your blessing, "the message is clear: 

"You will receive or yes The blessing comes in the wake of the statement and is not necessary for you to do something:.. Nor walk in holiness and repent, or procure or deserve, nothing." 

The result of this religious demagoguery are congregations that have no culture of effort, which depends on "Statements of Power" as if God had a duty to comply with each of the petitions just because they were declared. 

I recently heard a cell leader who worked practically begged the brothers to even read two (2) daily verses. What can learn from this, that notion will become clear if you take a week to read a chapter? 

Considering that popular RV60 has 1189 chapters and 30475 verses. A two (2) verses per day, "members of the Cell" will take nearly 42 years to finish reading it. 

While in Iraq and Syria Christians are massacred by not apostatize, watery here preaches gospel. 

Week 70 is about to begin, how many of your sheep are ready by your preaching? How many will be lost by your preaching? 


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