Reflection. We need to turn to God. By Pastor Adrian Pablos.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator. 

Maybe I be missing something in the way of these lines? 

As you know, most of us come from an upbringing and Catholic customs, where the relationship with God is based on orders and personal sacrifices, but this really is more than distant compared to a real personal relationship with the Creator and life in Holiness. We were taught to change the Lord "tit for tat" .... 

We focus our communication with God based on their responses to our demands and saddened when He does not answer us something, which may be material, familial, economic, etc.. 

We often depressed and felt frustrated because we see that our dreams are not fulfilled in the time and manner in which we exact our vain human wisdom. Right now is when we begin to compare with others in the congregation and generally noticed as "God meets them them their requests." This generally translates into an anger that results in a kind whimsical prayer and plaintiff "Lord, give me, give me, give me ..." Because of the way we were taught to take "religion" Sunday manners, we lose the focus of attention in the importance of worshiping God each week and could start this activity as a more routine in our busy lives. We forget that worship means showing unconditional love and superstitiously concur so that everything goes well for us during the week. 

Among other points, men with these same concerns were planted in front of the colossal ancient clerical system. Personalities like Menno Simonnis, born in Holland in 1496, which were martyred seeing men and women who just had their hearts healthy and true search for God's presence in obedience; adds to a reform movement (anabptista) in which would highlight and one of the pillars. This and many more lost their lives in the peaceful struggle, as in this case, and violent struggle, as it was in others; for once and for all the Cult of Our Lord be healthy, personal and real. 

At the beginning of writing? Quoted to Catholicism?, Maybe I this forgetting something in the way of these lines? ... 
We live in a time in many congregations and denominations "Protestant", perhaps the Cult of the Almighty was minimized to the convenient "cultito" to come and receive ... 

Have we allowed the assembling together to worship our King is transformed into come and praise "Santa Claus"?, Do we transform to the point our relationship with the Father we force him to make us successful?, Do we transform to the point our relationship with Father in "big" statements, decrees and other exaltation of self, we ignore the Creator?, to the point transform our relationship with the Father rather than follow him, follow "great men of God"?, so much do we transform our relationship with the Father, that churches are "this or that", but no news of Christ?, so much do we transform our relationship with the Father, that the addition has ceased to be, for be the engine of our belief?, so much do we transform our relationship with the Father, that the evidence that but applaud are to have found money in a "miracle"? 

Have we reached a point where we should start with a radical reform of the Protestant traditions, we should approach the true and sound doctrine again dictated by Our Lord. A time when, or the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and of the martyrs of the early church, as neither can the Reformed to be trampled by "big parties" the god of wealth which hardly speaks of a commitment genuine, no real eternal purpose. 
It might be profitable to review the reason why we gather and why many true men of God left their lives in cruel deaths for all humanity enjoy a sincere relationship with God. 

We meet every worship to give thanks and praise to the Lord for the following: 
Salvation of our soul. 
Forgiveness of our sins. 
For the price that Jesus paid for each of us. 
For having made ​​his children. 
Access to the most holy place without intermediaries and be in their very presence. 
By His mercy towards us. 
Freedom to live in truth. 
Scriptural revelation. 
Wisdom in abundance 
Supernatural peace. 
For molded by His Holy Spirit in us genuine repentance. 
As fruits of the Spirit manifested in our lives. 

Adrian Esteban Pablos. 


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