Reflection. Suffice His Grace. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

9 And he said to me : My grace is sufficient ; for my strength is made ​​perfect in weakness . Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that rest upon me the power of Christ .
 2nd Corinthians 2.9 NIV .

How many times we feel weak in front of issues, diseases , injustice at work or oppressed by the system ?

How many times we do not understand why certain things happen and we feel powerless to stop it?

If we look in Scripture , we see that many times this has happened to several biblical characters:
Job lost his children, his home and all his possessions. Besides this then became seriously ill . Job could not do anything for himself , he had to wait to catch up the grace of God .

David was just a shepherd boy , the last of the family, but by the grace of God was chosen. By the Grace of God could defeat Goliath , he could escape the wrath of Saul and finally to reign in Israel.

Jeremiah preached his whole life to a people of plotting to kill him, but by the grace of God, he remained steadfast to the end.

So if you have lost everything and do not know how reponerte wait rely on Grace.

If you are subject to the indifference of environment you , just trust Grace.

If you have many Goliaths in your life, choose your stones ( verses thou shalt declare ) and Grace trusts .

If you are the one who proclaims the Truth of God and enemies around you in your environment , if you are there by command of Him, then you will hold fast to the end.

Our victory as children of God is not by our abilities, our strength, our intelligence, our contacts and our abilities : But by His grace .

By His grace , so that no one can boast , that no one be proud. Look no fight with your strength , you do not look your righteousness. Leave everything in His hands and just ask you for your grace .

Week 70 is about to begin , only by His grace we will stand firm .


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