Testimony about the power of prayer. By Fabian Massa.

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Testimony about the power of prayer.

Prayer is powerful, through the skies and reaches the Throne of the Lord. To a lady in our church was diagnosed with a tumor on the tongue for about a month. The doctor ordered a series of studies and they determined that the tumor was spreading very quickly, so it was urgent surgery. The prospects were bleak for others, the doctor explained to the lady who had to remove her almost the entire tongue, and I actually did not know well what would happen to open and see how everything was. We also anticipated that perhaps could not speak again. A real drama, because this meant he could not work.

Within minutes his life began to crumble like a sand castle. But given the need, the whole group went to pray and intercede, to cry out to God for His intervention. Two days ago she had surgery, the surgery was a success and the doctor was able to remove 100% of the tumor. While he took 45% of the language, do not touch the soft, so that the lady lost her ability to speak. Today sent home and the doctor said he was 100% healthy. Blessed be the Name of the Lord to change the mourning into dancing for those who trust in Him.



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