Reflection. Are you one "Homer Simpson"? By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

" The Simpsons" is much more than a series of "cartoon " , it is actually a critical and a caricature of the society.

Consider the profile of Homer :

  • He is a man of middle age, between 35 and 40.

  • Married with three children.

It has a professional job , is responsible for the technical and security Atomic Energy Central city of Springfield. This job gives economic security . Homer has everything you need, is " Self-sufficient " . It has a two-storey house with garden and background . He drives his car and his wife have a van to go and bring the kids to school. Each of his three sons has everything you need : clothing, education , food, access to health care . Needless March that his wife works , because Homer is a good provider.

This economic solvency is reflected in their lifestyle , Bring the family for a walk and eat out every Saturday.
Every year takes his family on vacation to beautiful places .

Homer also has a group of friends with whom you feel to drink in the tavern of Mou .

Homer is very important to meet your desires : Whenever you go out to eat , he does so outrageous . Same with Daff beer , consumed in industrial quantities without being drunk. Is a social drinker . Homer is a fat , it makes no physical exercise , mental or spiritual . He hates anything that involves effort .

When at home , does not help in any task to his wife or children is concerned . Simply lie on your favorite chair to kill time with TV programs while taking beer Daff.

Attend local church but is not involved in cults or ecclesiastical activity: Homer sleeps or just have your mind to 1000 km away from the preaching of Reverend Lovejoy. At home never read the Bible or teach the Word to their children. Your self does not believe that God needs something: Why pray or read the Bible if everything goes well? Why tithe if is increasingly prospered?
It is a bad example for their children, especially their son, Bart, who already looks misguided boy.

If you have many points in common with Homer Simpson, you are a lukewarm Christian. Repent and be saved. (Revelation 3:16).

Dude, you are in trouble , call for an urgent meeting with your Pastor .

Week 70 is about to begin , the " Homers " will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven . Only Christ saves .


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