Tips for your blog 2!!

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Dear friends

Thanks for writing! Several of you have asked me some more advice for writing your own blog, in this regard I want to share the following.

The success of a blog lies mainly in two points:

  1. Content: It must have courage, but an equally important factor is the attitude of the writer. If the author is excited about what he writes, undoubtedly transmit it to their readers.
  2. Format: You must save a number of details like writing, good taste, verifiable information. But above all, it should be easy to read. How is this achieved? Trying to write the words that would tell the readers if I could have them face to face. You find the following effect: That people feel when you read is talking.

My friends, basically fulfilling a teaching that Jesus left us in Matthew 7.12:

"Do unto others as you would do with you"
That is, we seek to write things as we would like to us to read them.
God bless you,


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