STUDY. Priests and Priestesses of Dark side. By Fabian Massa

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

A. Pastor John Osboune (Ozzi, for “friends”)
At the post of the Week 70 on Wednesday June 12, 2013, touched and very as the crow flies, the theme of the priesthood of the darkness of Ozzy Osbourne. Reading between the lines lyrics Black Sabbath [1] we see that in it the singer testifies to his “Call” to serve Satan.

Black Sabbath [2]:
I. What is this that stands before me?
II. Figure in black which points at me with his finger
III. I turn around quick, and start to run
IV. I learn that I am the one, Oh noooooo!
In this first verse clearly explains that Ozzy receives a “Call” has been chosen for a specific purpose.
V. Huge black shape with eyes of fire telling people your wishes
VI. Satan is sitting there smiling
VII. Watching the flames climb higher and higher
VIII. Oh no, no, please God help me
V this verse reveals something important: Satan tells people what your wishes are obviously to be fulfilled. The lyrics of certain groups, on all heavy metal bands are the preferred vehicles of Satan to communicate your wishes.
Ozzy Vl identifies Satan.
IX. Is this is the end, my friend?
X. Satan is going crazy
XI. people running because they are terrified
XII. Best people to go and watch, No, no, please, no!
Of course, most people say that no, actually the lyrics of the songs with direct references to the satanic are just that: Letters, it’s all just a matter of marketing, because all that means hell, Satanism, prohibited and rebellion is the preferred consumables youth with sexual promiscuity, drugs, alcohol and override any rules.
B. The Priestess Madonna
Madonna’s case is special, it is more lyrical and seductive sweetness apparent. His shows are of superior artistic quality and their songs are very nice and catchy.
But let this not fool you, she is a high priestess, while Satan speaks through her, which gives special status Madonna the prophesy. To support this we analyze the official video for the song “Frozen”:

In the video [3], it appears with black hair, black nails and obviously dressed in black. In the hands presents “Henna Tattoos [4]” a black ink that is used between the women in the Middle East and in other Eastern cultures. These drawings usually have a magical symbolism.
The action takes place in a desert landscape, a plain of dry land without vegetation. Madonna Satan worship dance, while singing various actions occur “magic” such as: a shadow becomes a black veil that the artist used to dance, she transforms into several black crows and a black dog sinister. In another sequence itself is split into three people at a time. 3.06 minutes in the sample even levitating.
The splitting, levitation and invocation are attributes of High Sorcery. Obviously the vast majority will say it is only a video …
 How can life be what you want it to be?
You’re frozen
When your heart is not open.
We consume so much as you.
Wasting time on hatred and remorse.
You are broken
When your heart is not open.
How can life be what you want it to be? Easy, compact with me and you’ll have all you want, Pour me are my slave and I will give everything I apetezcas of this World. Open your heart to me, Satan says through the prophet.
 Hummmmm, we will never be apart.
Hummmmm, surrender yourself to me
Hummmmm, you hold the key.
I want to get to your heart, your whole being. Surrender, pacta me, give me your life. You have to do your own will, you have the key, the decision.
And you should know I suffer the same:
If I lose
My heart will be broken.
Love is a bird that needs to fly.
Let your inner wounds all die.
You’re frozen
When your heart is not open.
Seek not to blame for your failures, do not waste time … Do not forgive, however let your wounds die, is insensitive to pain or mercy. It’s hard feelings. Give yourself to me …
It is important to see that we consume in music, videos, books. Satan tells it very directly. Doing things sometimes obvious way is the best way to remain covert. Satan is a master of deception and has priests and priestesses very well prepared.
Only in Christ is there salvation. Week 70 is about to begin. Are you ready?
[1] In the heavy metal rock band formed in 1968 British namesake in Birmingham by Tony Lommi (guitar), Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Geezer Butler (bass) and Bill Ward (drums) / wiki / Black_Sabbath
[4] Jena Tattoo: In Egypt were mostly women who were tattooed. This type of tattoo or drawing and gave him magical protective functions. The supernatural character tattoo was not exclusive of Egypt: many cultures was granted this power to tattoos. The much related with the deities and protection. Henna or Jena It is a shrub about six feet high, shrub, with leaves almost persistent, opposite, ovate, smooth and shiny, small white flowers and fragrant , in terminal clusters, and black berry fruits, round and about the size of a pea. Its leaves, collected in spring, then air dried and pulverized free serve to dye. This powder also called alheña.http :/ / / wiki / Henna


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