STUDY. Pastor John. ENGLISH By Fabian Massa

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Man is a being Gregarious
Man is a gregarious, ie living in groups, associations or communities. These communities have common interests and goals, which make up the “Vision” of the leader and founder of the community.
There are plenty of communities, today the most popular are the so called “Social Networks” as facebook, twitter, bing, google+, etc … In these organizations are “islands” of people who share an activity such as a sport, a career University, are members of a club or church.
There are communities organized and encolumnadas behind a leader, such as political parties, activists with a political orientation where each member takes a committed.
These “communities committed members” behave like sheep, each guided by a “pastor “.
The “pastor” the flock lives, because that’s his job. When one speaks of shepherds and flocks imagine a church, but not always.

Pastor John Osboune (Ozzi, for “friends”).
The former lead singer of Black Sabbath (Black Holy Day) also lives of his flock, but if not for milk and wool, but for the money their fans pay to see them at concerts (the value of the entries in the recital of Buenos Aires 2011: Field $ 290 and Plataea $ 400), buy their CDs and videos, the shirts and all the merchandising.

In the photo above, I can see a look undisputed priest of their god. and on the left, carrying the staff own the “shepherds”.
The “Pastor” is who “care and guidance” to his flock: The feeds (the lyrics of the songs that feeds their souls) gathers (in stages) to give your message and affirm them in “their way”.
It is interesting to see the lyrics to the song Black Sabbath:

What is this that stands before me?
Figure in black which points at me with his finger
I turn around quick, and start to run
I learn that I am the chosen
Oh noooooo
Huge black shape with eyes of fire
telling people your wishes
Satan is sitting there smiling
Watching the flames climb higher and higher
Oh no, no, please God help me
Is this is the end, my friend?
Satan is going crazy
people running because they are terrified
Best people to go and watch
No, no, please, no!
It is known that every pastor really cares only for the owner’s flock of sheep. Have you understood who she works Ozzi?
We choose well to guide us, the Week 70 is about to begin.


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