STUDY. Jesus is revealed in Scripture.

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In Luke 24.36 - 45 mentions a striking fact: When the risen Jesus appeared to the disciples, they do not recognize. Jesus, being in person, you have to autorevelar teaching and explaining to them the prophecies throughout the Bible spoke of him [1]. The disciples could only believe that He was resurrected, once they understood (and believed) the messianic prophecies.

It is important to see that the disciples knew the Scriptures, the problem is that they could not relate the prophecies with the events at the time that happened, why Jesus tells them that they were witnesses of these things, but they had not lived failed to see.

It can be said that for many believers today the challenge is the same, it costs them to relate to the fulfillment of prophecy both past events to the present. There is a "disconnect" between word and reality, when it should be.
This situation means that the majority perceive Scripture as something "already happened" as a religious issue. But the prophecy speaks of things in real life, as the signs of the end (Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13, etc ...) that prophesy precisely what's in the papers today. Yet many believers do not perceive.

As the bulk of the Church does not learn this, when it happens what is prophesied for the end times, not many parishioners will notice.

In the account of Luke 24, Jesus "opens the mind" for them to see the connection between the prophecies and the reality of who had "witnessed [2]".

It further explains that the gospel we preach is for repentance and forgiveness of sins. Because salvation depends on our repentance (change), but in these times, the word "repentance" is not mentioned and preaching generally focuses on the Grace and Love of God, which means losing an important part of the message Gospel.

We must return to preaching the full message:

  1. The United Delos heaven is already here.
  2. God shed on the cross and his life in an act of love for all men.
  3. We need to preach repentance of sins for all to achieve God's forgiveness.
  4. Always the blessing came after repentance.
To know God, you must know your thinking, ie the Logos, the Word (Christ on paper, the Bible). To enter the Kingdom one must believe and repent of every evil work.

[1] Luke 24.45
[2] Luke 24.46 and 47


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