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In this 1st section of chapter 11, the Apostle refers to the theme of "Decor in the Cult".
There is a key point he touches in verse 1: "Imitate me, as I imitate Christ." Pablo, as the Competent Minister of the New Covenant, leaves aside the "Anointed" position of the Old Covenant. In this Age of Grace, the Minister is - or should be - just a means, an imitator of Christ. The authority of the Minister is not in his person, but in that he is a prophet of Scripture, he has authority because he not only says what God says but also does as Christ did: The true New Covenant Minister is a "Messenger of Christ" "And in this context, disobeying the Minister is disobeying God himself.

2 I praise them because they remember me in everything and they retain the teachings, just as I passed them on to them. Paul "praises" them as a way of generating empathy, because then, as in the rest of the epistle, he only emphasizes that they had not understood anything and that they did everything upside down, as he continues in the following verse: "Now I want who understand ... "

The key for us, what transcends all time and all culture is that: "Christ is the head of every man, while man is the head of the woman and God is the head of Christ."
On the other hand, the following is cultural from the time of Paul, which continues in the Eastern Islamic and Orthodox Jewish cultures to cover the hair of the married woman (the woman's hair is only for the sight of her husband). In the West, those who maintain this custom are conservative Catholics, whose protocol is that married women go to Mass with a veil, and the veil used by the Nuns is part of this custom: "5 On the other hand, every woman who prays or prophesies with his head uncovered, he dishonors his head; It's like I'm shaved. 6 If the woman does not cover her head, let her hair be cut; but, if it is embarrassing for the woman to have short hair or a shaved head, she should cover it. "

Verses 7-9 Paul refers to Genesis 2, where it is explained that God took the man he had formed (Gen. 2.15) in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1.26 [1]) Within the parameter of the 2nd Story of the Creation (Genesis 2.4-25) the woman Eve, is created from the rib of Adam (Gen. 2.21-22).

Verse 10 "For this reason, because of the angels, the woman has authority over her head." In my opinion, this text is a clear reference to Genesis 6.2 When the "Sons of God" took the daughters of men, interpreting "Sons of God" as the Fallen Angels, [cf. 2 Peter 2.4; Jude 6]. That is, married women should be covered as a sign that they have an owner, so that no man or angel will be tempted to take it.

Verses 11-12 Paul clarifies that in Christ, no sex has supremacy over the other, but each one has a role within the family, society and Church.
And again a cultural note of his time: Women with long hair and men with short hair. What would Paul say about the new fashions in haircuts? Surely he would not approve them. But this is a cultural issue and therefore temporary.

From this first section it is important to distinguish cultural -Temporal issues from transcendental ones:

1. TEMPORAL- CULTURAL Women long hair-men short hair; Women wearing veil.

2. TRANSCENDENTS God head of Christ, Christ head of man and man head of woman, that is, authority to cover, keep and protect (even with his own life) his wife, the mother of his children.

Therefore, my dear ones, stop the idea implanted by the "Anointed" of our times, those who pompously call themselves Apostles, Prophets and Servants of the Most High who make worship their personality and demanding homage, tithes, Alta Range and vacations in exclusive places and they are nothing more than criminal sheep shearers ignorant of the Scripture.

Your head is Christ and a true New Covenant Minister is an imitator of Christ. Week 70 is at the doors, WAKE UP!

Eternal Issues, Cultural-Temporal Questions, Competent Ministers of the New Covenant, Impersonators of Christ.

[1] In Gen. 1.26 the word for Adam Man, today it is understood that it is as a genre (humanity, that is, men and women-), but Paul takes it as a synonym of Man and proper name of Adam.

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