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In a course in Contemporary Theology, which I had the privilege of participating in, one of the students commented on a debate about eschatology in the current cult, that there had been a radical change in the content of the lyrics of modern songs with respect to the old choruses.

The current songs are focused on the human will and feel, and the preaches in their economic appetites, personal fulfillment, their feelings of security and fullness in the earthly: Your home to all luxury and comfort, your 4x4 van, your vacation in exotic places, his ostentatious dress and his pleasant life. On the other hand, the "old choruses" that she sang in the Church as a child were centered on God's will and feeling and with a strong eschatological message: "The hymns spoke of the second coming of Christ, of being alert, our names written in the book of life, etc. The hymns had an eschatological content. "

This same student comments that the same thing happened with the preaching: Focusing on what God demands for a Christian life, they began to focus on messages of blessing, prosperity, restoration ... but very little is heard of the rapture, the coming of the Lord for his own, to live in expectation of his return.

The premise of the discussion included a personal opinion of each participant. The deduction of this participant on why there is no eschatological content in the current liturgy of the evangelical churches is relevant: "This is because we have lost interest in these things. The Christian is no longer so interested in living in such a way that he knows that whenever Jesus returns, he goes with him ... it matters more to God than to bless him with a better job, a house, a new car, etc. "

I chose this comment because its freshness and simplicity in the exhibition describes exactly what happens: The "present Christian" has lost interest in "things above" and wants to live well down here. He is no longer interested in living in such a way that when Christ comes he will take it away, since he would have to abandon everything he wants to be in this World. James (4: 4) calls these "adulterous souls" who love the world more than the Lord.
My question is: Can we consider "Church" a set of "Adulterous Souls" who are only interested in the earthly and therefore are discarding what God says?

To congregate with such a group of people, is it really to congregate? Going to hear a "Cult" of someone who preaches about worldliness, will truly go to "Worship?
Can you say that these kinds of meetings are a Church?

Week 70 is on the doorstep. Christ is coming soon and will take only those who are prepared, those who have their "operative" lamps. The "asleep" and negligent will go where the weeping and the gnashing of teeth will be.


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