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In the title I am referring to the information contained in the biblical message of a Sunday service. The quantity and quality of information will directly affect the training of people who hear the message. Many confuse strength of the cult 2 hours. Empty songs theological content that happened before the sermon, in this post I refer to the biblical content.

I was reflecting on this subject and I was reminded of advertising a hamburger chain in Argentina, here I hit them the poster:

The image text says: "They say they are great, but are tiny" and in the box on the right says: "Do not eat a hoax, come true"

Advertising could easily be applied to most existing cults Pentecostal churches, where the messages contain no more than 3 verses and two matches, insumiendo no more than 20 minutes [1].

It is time to restore to the Word of God first, back to the cults of quality as giving Pablo [2].

Week 70 is about to start, stop eating "Cults <Power> without depth and without power" and start eating real food that is the Word of God.

Express vs cults, cults of truth.
Paul of Tarsus, Blogs Fabian Massa.
FEB 2016



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