Reflection. The hypocrisy in the Church. By Fabian Massa.

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Hypocrisy is constant or sporadic attitude to fake beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards that do not have or are not followed. The hypocrite pretends qualities or feelings contrary to those who actually have or experience. Hypocrisy itself is a kind of lie or screen reputation.

It is hypocrisy to pretend they are not. Within the churches, especially Pentecostal, hypocrisy is promoted from the highest authority, which "low" pastors "line of thought" should continue to be "aligned" (read Aligned). Here are some situations that are purely hypocritical currency:
 What you want to pretend versus Reality

You want to pretend that you have a personal "relationship" with God, but mostly not interested in what God says, so do nothing to understand His Word: Do not read Scripture, do not buy study material (study Bibles, Dictionaries , Comments).

They want to appear to be "stuck" with God, but from the pulpit teaches that this commitment has to be full of activities. However, most men do not exercise the priesthood in his home, which is the first and most important ministry. They can not do, because they simply do not know how. And I do not know because I can not teach well or enough.

You want to pretend that "The most important is the Kingdom", but really the most important thing is that what I spend my time and money. Cellular bought $ 10,000 but walk with an old Bible, without note or matches. Spend hours on Facebook but not five minutes to study Scripture.

You want to pretend commitment to the Church, but not taught enough that the Church is not only the physical place to congregate. Church is all the Redeemed of Christ. Going to church does not mean to be church. Being biblically church is part of the growth of the Body (feeding word) and it is necessary to live according to Scripture, or at least be trying to heart. In order to carry out the latter purpose, it is essential to "know the Bible!" No one can be truly committed to the Church if not first assumed minister to his wife and children.

You want to pretend to be fervently longs "The Presence" to know his will, but the reality is they want to know without looking what God said, leaving written in His Word. Supplement this with hours of songs empty, runny weep and emotion ... .but this is purely sentimental (carnal) and has nothing to do with knowing what God left word.

Week 70 is about to begin, when the time of the end comes, the appearances will fall like the leaves of autumn trees. We are ready?

Hypocrisy in the Church
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