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This is a basic post, but sometimes even the basics are needed ...
When one person wants to know another, the best way is to observe and hear him talk. That way you will see how it works and you will know how you think.
Obviously this process will require time, attention and a genuine interest in understanding the other, trying to have an intelligent dialogue.

If the "Other" is God, the operation is exactly the same:

The process will demand a quality time from me, that is a time when I pay attention to Him without distracting myself with other things. I must pay attention to what He says, in this case, by reading and trying to understand His Word.

Demonstrating a "genuine interest" in knowing Him, not only telling Him everything I need and then not interested in understanding what He wants.

Maintaining a Smart Dialogue: Which means not repeating prayers as done. That is why Jesus says: "And when you pray, do not talk much, like the Gentiles, who appear to be heard by their words. 8. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him. "Matthew 6: 6-8 Bible of Jerusalem [1].

Not trying to understand what God says, and pretending only benefits is a childish attitude, at best; Immature in most and foolish in those who know it insist on the same thing.

Week 70 is about to begin, the Time of Grace to finish and many still making palotes. Wake up, the one who sleeps !!




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