Reflection. The cultural-educational crack and opportunity. By Fabian Massa

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Grenade of Sonora, Mexico.

Reflection. The cultural-educational crack and opportunity. By Fabian Massa

In Geology, a crack is a long narrow aperture that occurs in the ground, occur by the separation of two materials.

Similarly, the word "crack" applies when there is a partition between two parts of a society. The same can be given for racial, economic, cultural, opportunities, etc. issues.
At the global level there is a deep rift between the poor and the rich, as the following news reports based on a study by Oxfam, Germany:

In fact, "one percent of the world's population has a wealth greater than the rest of the world as a whole," says Oxfam based on Credit Suisse's "Wealth Report 2015" data. In other words, the wealth of about 70 million super-rich is superior to that of the other approximately 7 billion people on Earth [1].
But beyond this super-division between the 1% super rich and the remaining 99%, you can talk about silent cracks within that 99%.

Spiritually you can also speak of a "Crack:" the saved on one side and the unsaved (the vast majority) on the other.

But the purpose of this post is to talk about the existing crack within the society in terms of opportunities. The richest people in a society have access to better education, health, information and these things allow them to develop a broader view, which allows them to devise projects that generate new job opportunities for people of the same population. These visionaries become entrepreneurs, who give sources of work to those who can not generate it individually.

The opportunities come with education and today is much easier than before, because the costs have been reduced by having the content available independently of the physical media: I explained, before to be able to access knowledge content, had to buy a Paper book (ie physical media), which has a lot of cost in material (that affects the environment) ink, edition, printing, transfer, intermediary, deposits, time, etc ...

Instead, one can now buy the "Content" in digital format and download it to a medium that can hold various contents, such as a PC, a tablet or a cell phone. To give an example: A Study Bible that in paper format costs U $ D 80, in digital format can be commercialized to U $ D 10, leaving a greater gain for the Editors and being 8 times more accessible for the people.

The challenge now facing teachers and opinion makers is to encourage change towards digital media.

Today a church can be converted into an educational center, with a Wifi + an electronic library + that the congregation has a digital support.

Today the crack can be saved with trained teachers and little money. We have a unique opportunity to make a difference.

Paper Book vs Digital Support
Cultural, educational and opportunity crack
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