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You know that the true Church is born again, those who have a heart of disciples who seek to know what God says, but still in the Mega den of thieves that the "Anointed One" pompously called Church.

You know there is not predicated of repentance, only "economic blessings" are distributed like candy, where it is not encouraged to live in the truth, lest anyone be offended and leave decimation ... but still there, even knowing that pitifully lose time ... 
You know it's a family business and that the issue of the "Anointing" is a lie ... know that the "Groups and Super-vision" are useless, members of your cell have been there for 20 or 25 does and does not understand what they read ... or want to understand.

You know all this but do not want to tell you ... you offend knowing that what I say is true.

The future of the Church is to return to the beginning, to the homes where two or three are gathered in His Name. The Megas slowly are melting with the world, and to be added to the ecumenical movement ... ... they support the LGBT movement. They shall ensure not be prosecuted.

How does the "Anointed One" does not confront homosexuality? Thousand years ... He preaches against lying, idolatry, greed and other ills ... but not against homosexuality, because they do not want to choose between the word and the law of man. And if necessary, between the word and keep your machine bill calling Church, will choose billing.

Awake, O, who slept !! Do not be offended with me, knowing that I tell the truth. Change and save your soul, save your family. In the not too distant future, nobody will teach the Word. The time is now learning and teaching. Time is running out, Week 70 is about to begin.

Week 70 - End Times


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