Reflection. The "good teachers" bring growth, "Bad" bring stagnation. By Fabian Massa.

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"Says Eric Hanushek: If Argentina replace the 6 percent of their worst teachers, triple its GDP"

Economist Eric Hanushec [1], a professor at Stanford University (California), said that's not the years of schooling but the quality of education that leads to the growth of a nation; He said teachers have a crucial role in generating the knowledge [2].
In this article the daily La Nacion, we can see what is the importance of preparing and promoting "good teachers" They bring growth to the nation. In the case of the Evangelical Church, we can say the same. If you stop:

1. Keep teachers who are not updated (neither they nor their material) from 1960 to date, do not lose much time correcting things we already know are wrong, if the Bible version RV60, where we lose more time clarifying what I should not say instead of going to the contents of the Word, which is what is really valuable.

2. Having induced programs where you think lost. In this system, teachers do not teach the subject, but what they interpret (obviously within the denominational) that is, instead of teaching things that students reach their own conclusions through research and meditation the subject, they "indoctrinate" how you have to think.

3. Stop using teaching methods with APB format ie "Proof Bobos", where the second part of your question has enclosed the answer. Example: What color is the white horse of San Martin?

4. If you stop to provide students and made notes, folders and pre-made (only must fill the gaps) and let them "discover" things through research, reading and study of different materials. Students come to have a far higher level of knowledge. In places of serious study, working with different texts and each student made their own notes and folders (that is the only way to learn).

5. Stop giving loose, unconnected things. After 8 (eight) years of study, 90% of graduates from Bible schools External (at least those belonging to the Assembly of God in Argentina, the Pentecostal denomination) can not relate the various books of the Bible in a time sequence. They do not understand the various dispensations, or different contexts (historical, geographical, geopolitical, customs, the original language). Obviously, this 90% is not trained to interpret for themselves the difficult passages, or preparing a class or lecture or a sermon, or make a summary or presentation.

Only by meeting these few simple points, we have a Church prepared to understand what should be understood: The Word of God, The Times of God and Prophecy. It's time to up the pace, Week 70 is at the door.

Fabian Massa, Treasures of Wisdom & Week 70

Mediocrity, Pentecostalism, Bible schools of the Union of the Assemblies of God, Bad Teacher, Educational bad policies.

[1] Alan Eric Hanushek (born May 22, 1943) is an economist who has written extensively on public policy, with a special emphasis on the economics of education. Since 2000 he has been a Senior Fellow Paul and Jean Hanna at the Hoover Institution, a public policy think tank based in the US Stanford University in California.


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