Note. A key Vatican theologian out of the closet and Gay is declared. By Fabian Massa

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Holiness as the basis of spiritual authority. 

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Krzysztof Charamsa admitted he was tired of living a double life and said that in the Vatican there are people who seek to sabotage the Pope Francisco.

Charamsa also said that many gays who are part of the Church and said: "I wish my gesture could bring a little more freedom to people who are afraid and ashamed of their sexuality because they see it as something dirty. There are many people who are forced to spend your entire life in a closet ".
When talking about when understood he was gay, the Polish priest explained that he always knew who he was. And when he referred to the ban pronounced gay in 2005 by Pope Benedict XVI, he said:.. "It was a moment of profound existential crisis is an unjust and inhumane ban The Church has thus rejected an entire social group between the Catholic clergy is represented in a very broad way. " 

Already in a previous post, I discuss that in the Church there should be an "anti-gay" and obviously also not a "pro-gay" position. Nor should it be showy about homosexuality, this being a sin as everyone else (adultery, fornication, theft, idolatry, greed, greed, lies).
The Church must be handled according to the Word of God, and not according to traditions (like the Catholic) or cultural or market issues.

God does not forbid man to homosexuality or adultery, fornication, theft, or any other practice. God requires holiness him to anyone who wants to be a child of God, a member of the Church (which is the Body of Christ) The Christian must learn to live holy, because He is holy (Leviticus 19.2; 1 Peter 1.12) . That is, there is an incompatibility if a person claims to be Christian while still practicing a life tainted by sin (thief, swindler, degenerate, idolatrous, heathen, infidel or homosexual, etc ...)

Charamsa also said that many gays who are part of the Church, reading this sentence raises some obligatory questions:
1. If many of the ministers and leaders of the Catholic Church have not understood that it is a Christian, and still subject to a practice that God disapproves within the church (1 Corinthians 6.9) How do you intend Rome that the ordinary parishioner in shop?
2. If the Princes of the Church, as Charamsa who was responsible for ensuring doctrinal purity in the Catholic Church Theologian, what moral authority can the Vatican tell someone who is a sinner and that you must change your life?
3. Pope Francis wants to fix the world, but can not fix the church, Would not it be better to start at home?
4. Holiness (live by what God says) is the basis of spiritual authority that allows you to set moral standards. If your Ministers have no sanctity, how they want to sustain a spiritual authority?

Week 70 is about to begin. The Great Apostasy is underway and humanism with its practices is the Trojan horse that is introduced into the Church.

Fabian Massa, Week 70 & Treasures of Wisdom

Sins in the Church, homosexuality, infiltrated humanists Trojan horse.


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