Note. Dead who does not study, Dead who graduates. By Fabian Massa.

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Please read these two short stories:

"It was the last test of Forensic Medicine. The candidate Anibal Gordon was performing an autopsy in the presence of their teachers. After the operation, which went very well finished, the Examining Board approved the work of Gordon and the Dead, declaring both Received Coroners. Gordon jumped for joy, while the Dead, more formal, kept a stiff composure "

"It was the last review of Pastoral Theology III, it was to conduct a funeral. The applicant received a Bachelor of Theology Anibal Gordon, impersonate the "Pastor" by the ceremony. Hannibal stood before the casket, occupied by a teammate. The ceremony was a success and both Hannibal as the Dead obtained his Bachelor of Theology "

The first is a ridiculous story invented, the second is a real, equally ridiculous story. Why? In both the "dead" are received.

Both the "dead" as the autopsy Funeral they did absolutely nothing to deserve a title. Worldwide, the death is not received, but at the Institutes of the Assemblies of God does.

Week 70 is about to begin. You need to reformulate educational programs.

Fabian Massa, Week 70 & Treasures of Wisdom.

Dead they do not study.


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