Reflection. The need to respect the guests. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google translator.

Suppose you. Have a group of friends who respect them a lot and decided to entertain them with an important lunch at his house.

Imagine the whole sequence:
You. Cordially invited to go home on Sunday at noon.

How do people react? For surely they will appear pleased and prepared to attend such an important event. Your guests will try to bed early Saturday, to get up early on Sunday, children dress, grooming, and leave early to take the road (some are an hour away) to reach her cottage awhile before to lunchtime.

Finally arrive on Sunday, and by midmorning you. Receive all the joy with music and songs, a real holiday. After two hours of singing them, you eventually. The calls come to the table to enjoy lunch.

Surely we all have an expectation to see "How wonderful dish" prepared the party host. Imagine that you. Are served in every respect a hot dog and a soda.

How do you imagine that your friends feel?

Would not it disrespectful to have made up early to all those families a Sunday, a round trip time and again back to just give them a hot dog and a soft drink cola?

Well, that's what you do every Sunday worship when he preaches only three verses and two matches. He made to mobilize the entire congregation to give a meal that may be rich, but will not nourish nor grow. Sometimes the predicate is so poor that they could be quietly sending by WhatsApp and to avoid losing Sunday to only receive half a sausage with mustard.

Jesus left instructed the officers of his house that distributed food rations among his fellow servants (Luke 12.42). Preparing good food is to honor that gave the mandate and those who go to their church.

Week 70 is about to start, please just hot dog and canapes.

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