Reflection. At home blacksmith, wooden knife. Ministry vs. Activities. By Fabian Massa.

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In Revelation 1.6 Juan Jesus teaches us that believers constituted as a kingdom of priests to God the Father. Each believer is thus considered by God as a priest. This ministry is Universal, so we all have, and our range of action is the family.

As priests of our home is our duty to live according to Scripture and teach the Word at home, our wives and children, pray for them, bless them and present prayer to God for them.

The "Office" of priest in the Church to teach, study and practice at home.

Our attendance at the Church must be to worship God and to learn to be priests from home. This office is learned like any other: One is to take a class and then studied all week I received. After a while (all serious learning has a program) the person reaches a level of fitness and can exercise, but obviously can be improved upon or even specialize in certain issues. But the base should be reached by all Priest of the House.

But in recent times it has become the Church into a "Social Club" with a great deal of activities and within that scheme of "Doers Compulsive" is make people believe that the greater the number of hours spent in church "Greater Commitment to God". With this message, the members work to attend meeting how much you have, in order to be "truly committed" in the Church live Monday through Friday.

Obviously thereby neglecting the family and marriage, being one of the main reasons for divorce in Christian leadership and leaders away from children, teachers and pastors.

Activities + activities + activities:
  • Group meetings where the Anointed preaching taught Sunday.
  • Monitoring Meeting for those who are leading, which is the same Sunday the Anointed Preaching (usually a sermon Canape type (Bocadito): Three verses and two matches)
  • Workers meeting for supervisors and leaders, where the same Sunday the Anointed preaching is studied.
  • Useless meetings, considering that after twenty years still without leaving Hebrews 5 Hebrews 6 to enter.

Meanwhile no less preparation as priests and the exercise of the office at home.

Do not fill activities, do not confuse "Social Commitment" to commit to what God asks.

Week 70 is about to begin, and the churches are crowded and few converts. Only born-again will be saved, others will likewise you fill the rest of the unbelievers. We are ready?

Home priests, useless meetings, Church "Social Club"


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