+ Study. Dispensations. Part I. By Fabian Massa.

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Treasures of wisdom shared with us: "dispensations Part I. (1 and 2 dispensations).

Part I.1 and 2 dispensations.

"A dispensation may be defined as a stage in the progressive revelation of God and is a different administration or rule of life. Although the concept of a dispensation and a time when the Bible is not exactly the same, it is obvious that every period has its dispensation. The times are often mentioned in the Bible. " Lewis Sperry Chafer.
The Rev. Lewis Sperry Chafer (February 27, 1871 - FEB 22 de 1952) was a pastor, theologian and prominent master US Premillennial [1] and dispensational [2], he is widely ruled in his favor in his Systematic Theology. Calvinist [3] moderate in the sense of explaining the plan or scheme selection using the infinite foreknowledge of God. The core of his theology was the infinite grace of God. We must also add that it is pretribulational, ie supporting the position of the "Rapture of the Church" before the Tribulation, the point where I do not agree, and on which I have already presented their studies, of which here are links:



Chafer proposed seven dispensations and if you look at the texts we see that Scripture separated according to these stages is reasonable and consistent with the texts.

  • Dispensation of Innocence: Gen.1 Gen 3.6
  • Dispensation of conscience Gen. Gen 3.7 to 8.19
  • Dispensation of human government: Covenant with Noah.
  • Dispensation of promise: Abraham Covenant.
  • The dispensation of the law.
  • Dispensation of grace.
  • Millennium dispensation

In this first part, we will study the first two dispensations.

1. Dispensation of Innocence: Gen.1 Gen 3.6

A. The 1st Dispensation

This dispensation began with the creation of Man (1 Story -Gen.1.26 -creates and humanity in 2 Story - Gen.2 - Adam Eva 2.7 and 2.22). Man in this dispensation was given human responsibility to be fruitful, dominate the earth, to have dominion over the animals, use plants to eat and take care of the garden of Eden. However, he was given a ban; man was instructed not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. At this time Adam and Eve were naked (2.25) ate plants bearing seeds (cereals?) And fruit (Gen. 1.29; Gen 2.16 fruits).

These conditions were for this stage of humanity and not repeated anywhere else. We can see that the responsibilities / benefits and the bans were issues for each Dispensation in particular, while there Statements and Truths of God that transcend time.

Responsibilities / Benefits 1st Gen 3.6 Dispensation Gen.1

· Caring govern the Earth and work the garden of Eden.
· Eat vegetables, plants yielding seed (Grains?) Fruits.
· Eating from the Tree of Life.
They went naked and "not ashamed" (Gen. 2.25).

Do not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Today Adam and Eve define how "Vegans" and ate only vegetable products exclusively.

B. Judgments and Truths of God that transcend time.

      I. In the Beginning God made heaven and earth, that is all that exists, while he already was. In N.T. this truth is extended because God made everything through the Logos-Christ (John 1.1-2) Christ is God (John 1.1-4, Heb 1.3).

    II. Man and woman standing together are one flesh (Gen.2.24) and this is the figure of Christ and the Church (John 3.29); of the union of Christ and the Father (John 14.10) and our union with Christ (John 14.20): Unit concept.

2. Dispensation of consciousness Gen. Gen 3.7 to 8.19

As a result of the sin of disobedience of Adam and Eve, came the divine judgment, spiritual death, aging and later physical death, the knowledge of sin, fear God and the loss of companionship in marriage. Even in these circumstances the Lord powered:

a. Introducing the principle of grace with a promise of the Redeemer (3.15).

b. It provided dresses (3.21) fur, typical provision of redemption. This dispensation, which begins in Gen. 3: 7 and extends to Gen. 8:19, brought new responsibilities for the man, established in the so-called covenant with Adam and Eve. Adam had to work hard to get food diaries and Eve have their children with great travail. The delightful life of Eden was lost and now things are obtained with much effort. Relations between husbands had deteriorated and own passes between the brothers Cain and Abel, until it happens the first murder of humanity (4.8). Are the first offerings and blood sacrifices (4.3-4) As time passed, the man walked away more and more of God and therefore evil increased. Finally, when the evil came to its climax, God brought the flood upon the earth.

They are given the reasons for the Wrath of God and the Flood in Genesis 6:

a. In the midst of a population explosion, the powerful began to abuse women [4] (Gen. 6.1-2) each forming his harem.

b. The prevailing thought in that society was evil (Gen. 6.5)

c. Widespread corruption and violence. (Gen. 6.12)

d. According to extra-biblical texts of Enoch and Jubilees, the men had started to eat meat with blood.

· Book of Jubilees, 5.2-9. (According to Jubilees, the Sons of God were the sons of the Mighty) 2 That Grew wickedness on earth, and all flesh corrupted its conduct, both man and animals, beasts, birds and reptiles. All his behavior and corrupt rule, began to devour each other, grew wickedness on earth and conscious thoughts of all the children of men were evil forever. 3 then the Lord looked at the earth, and behold, everything was rotten, that all flesh had turned his rule, and that all who were in the land did evil in his eyes.

· Book of Enoch (According to Enoch, the Sons of God would be the Fallen Angels) 7: 3 (The Nephilim, the result of the Angels unions and women) devoured the work of all the children of men until humans They were unable to sustain. 4 Then, the giants turned against the humans to kill and devour them; 5 began to sin against all the birds of the sky and against all the beasts of the earth, against reptiles and fish against the sea and each other's flesh they ate and drank blood.

Leaving aside the direct reference to Enoch and Jubilees indirect (All corrupt behavior and norm, began to devour each other) to cannibalism and vampirism, it is clear is that since men are not satisfied their "Vegan" diet and had become omnivores.

Responsibilities / consequences of pecado2 ° Dispensation Gen. Gen. 3.7 to 8.19

· Adam now had to work "hard" for their daily bread.
· Eva have their children with pain
· They were subject to aging and death. And men were dressed.

No longer they had access to the Tree of Life.

The challenge was not written that humanity in this new stage, was to live according to his new acquisition of knowledge of "good and evil". According to the disastrous results we see that not profit him nothing worldly wisdom provided by Satan. Separation from God (spiritual death) took man on a downhill path of involution, reaching brutalized to the point that their society became unrecoverable, which moves God to destroy it.

3. Conclusion

We can see the contrast between the first and second dispensing:

1 Dispensation Gen.1 Gen 3.6
· Caring govern the Earth and work the garden of Eden.
· Eat vegetables, plants yielding seed (Grains?) Fruits.
· Eating from the Tree of Life.
· They walked naked and "not ashamed" (Gen. 2.25).
· Do not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

2nd Dispensation Gen. Gen. 3.7 to 8.19

· Adam was expelled from the Garden and now had to work "hard" for their daily bread.
· Eva have their children with pain
· They were subject to aging and death.
· Whether the men were dressed.
· No longer they had access to the Tree of Life.

Strict vegetarianism (veganism) was established by God in the 1st Dispensation, the second man breaks this rule and see how the 3rd God defines Omnivore be valid. At this early stage they start practicing sacrifices as part of the Cult.

But today there are certain sects who want to reimpose veganism fast in what is given in the 1st dispensation, when that time and those rules were already left behind by God himself. Throughout this study we see that the fact of wanting to re-impose outdated rules and is repeated in all other dispensations.

[1] Premillennialists say the 2nd coming of Christ will take place before the government than 1000 years of Christ.
[2] Dispensation, the different ways to communicate and reveal God to man in different ages or dispensations.
[3] Calvinism s. m. Protestant religious doctrine that originated in the ideas of the French theologian John Calvin in the s. XVI; It is distinguished by believing in absolute predestination and free will deny.
[4] The sexual objectification happens when a person as a given that have separated the sexual attributes and physical beauty of the rest of the personality and existence as a sexual object is individual, and reduced attributes to the other instruments of pleasure person.

Dispensations, Systematic Theology, Chafer Lewis.


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