Reflection. Richard Ruben and his autistic Church. By Fabian Massa.

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In the church where Richard Ruben brings unspoken reality of their city or country. Also unmentioned disaster or dramatic situations that occur worldwide.

Never speak and of course never made a prayer for the victims of such dramas. Ruben Ricardo wondered who was this and came to believe that it might be a kind of "Spiritual Autism".

Richard Rubén searched the Internet and found the ten worst natural disasters of the early twenty-first [1] Century (about the time he entered the Way) made memory and never ever in his Church said nothing, was not organized a collect or became a prayer, absolutely nothing.

Nor was discussed when in their country (La Argentina) Gay Marriage Law [2], and the only church that tried to oppose was the Catholic he struggled.

During the month and a half in which society Argentina struggled for or against gay marriage and all that remained behind it (the issue of child adoption and surrogacy for same-sex couples, "Including" transvestites and transsexuals in areas where before they were forbidden, as educational activities with children, etc ...) the Anointed Church where Ricardo Rubén congregate, these six weekends was made to give Psalm XXIII , a verse by weekend.

For when the church said Amen, the Law of Equal Marriage was already signed and had held the first 100 marriages, and were being processed early adoption of children by the flamboyant marriages and started the war because according to the new legislation it was beginning to teach in colleges and schools each child / a could choose their sex, as if their genes and what brought or not between the legs not defined by nature since before birth.

The Messiah and his pastoral team also said a word when extremist Islamic movements began to behead Christians in Syria, Nigeria, Iraq and Egypt. Not even took the hectic international politics to show how "Far Prophecies of Revelation" were fulfilled before the noses of the international community and the Church.

Obviously this only happens in the Church of Ricardo Rubén because the "Anointed One" is a bit confused, right?

Signs of the End Times are happening one after another and leaving published in newspapers and on the Internet. But most believers do not know because they do not read neither the Bible nor the newspaper and its pastors do not speak of reality because "They are not of this world".
So, the recommendation of Jesus to be alert to the signs of the times (Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13) falls on deaf except for a small number sac, which like half the virgins of Matthew 25, is attentive to the signs that are the prelude to Christ coming to gather His Church.

Week 70 is about to begin, connect to reality, because Time is running out.


[1] 10: Earthquake in Gujarat, India, in 2001 (20,005 dead)
The list of the 10 worst natural disasters of the century opens with the earthquake that took place in the state of Gujarat, India, January 26, 2001. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.7 and was centered about 20 kilometers from the city of Bhuj. A total of 20,005 people died, more than 165,000 were injured and more than 6 million were affected directly.
9: Earthquake in Bam, Iran, in 2003 (26,796 dead)
Ranked No. 9 of the worst disasters of this century is the earthquake in the historic city of Bam, Iran, a city built with adobe. After the earthquake of magnitude 6.6 on 26 December 2003 Bam was destroyed by 85%. The death toll rose to the 26,796. A similar number of people were injured and tens of thousands were left homeless.
8: Heat Wave 2010 in Russia (55,760 dead)
During the summer of 2010 the Northern hemisphere suffered major heat waves in several regions. Which affected Russia for several weeks was the most catastrophic of all. Crops affected hundreds of thousands of fires and deaths were the consequences of extreme heat which hindered Moscow and its environs. The fire created a huge cloud of smoke that hit the Russian capital and exacerbated the consequences. In total death toll rose to the 55,760. Note that a significant proportion of fatalities in a heatwave are people already ill, although in the case of the heat wave in Russia in 2010 intoxicated persons who drowned in rivers and springs to try to cool were also added and people who died as a result of the hundreds of forest fires that broke. The heat wave of summer 2010 in Russia was an extreme event could have been one of the hottest summers in 500 years.
7: Heat Wave in 2003 in Europe (70,000 dead)
The seventh worst natural disaster of this century took place in the summer of 2003 in Europe when a heat wave that lasted several weeks particularly affected Central Europe and Southern Europe. The worst affected countries were France, Italy and Spain. In total some 70,000 people perished during the heat wave in Europe in 2003 (20.089 in Italy, 19,490 in France, 15,090 in Spain, 9,355 in Germany and 2,696 in Portugal).
6: Drought and famine in the Horn of Africa 2011/2012 (estimated 50,000-100,000 dead)
In mid-2011 the state of emergency famine in parts of the Horn of Africa was declared. The drought was suffering this region affected crops and livestock in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya in particular, leading the UN to declare that a state of emergency. The situation at the time of declaring the alarm was several months in an already critical situation, according to some organizations and even develop from a year earlier. The drought and famine in the Horn of 2011/2012 caused more than 13 million people urgently needed help and that hundreds of thousands of people displaced seen, especially from Somalia to neighboring countries. According to an estimate by the Department for International Development UK between April and August 2011 reportedly killed between 50,000 and 100,000 people as a result of drought, half of them would be children under 5 years. However, this estimate does not cover the entire period of drought and famine so these figures would most probably higher.
5: Earthquake in Pakistan in 2005 (86,000 dead)
The earthquake in Pakistani Kashmir on October 8, 2005 caused 86,000 deaths, 1,350 of these in India. In the area of whole peoples Muzaffarabad collapsed and people of Uri (in India) was destroyed by 80%.
4: Earthquake in China in 2008 (87,587 dead)
The fourth worst catastrophe since 2000 is the earthquake that took place in Eastern Sichuan (China) on 12 May 2008. It caused 87,587 deaths and millions displaced. More than 45 million people were directly affected by the earthquake. Hundreds of dams in the region were affected and numerous landslides buried hundreds of people, including a train and caused natural dams that threatened hundreds of thousands.
3: Cyclone Nargis in Burma in 2008 (138,000 dead)
On May 2, 2008 Cyclone Nargis in Burma touched down with sustained winds of over 200 km / h. The cyclone had reached before landfall equivalent to Category 4. Nargis went through a highly populated area of the country and caused an estimated 2.4 million affected and at least 138,000 deaths. However, since some organizations it is intended that this figure is not real and true can be much higher. In any case, Cyclone Nargis became one of the 10 deadliest hurricanes in the world and, at least in the third worst natural disaster of the century.
2: Earthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 (227,898 dead)
The December 26, 2004 the third largest earthquake registered magnitude occurred planet. It had its epicenter off the coast of northern Sumatra (Indonesia) and reached a magnitude of 9'1. He came to feel (slightly) more than 1,500 kilometers from the epicenter. The great earthquake triggered a tsunami that affected almost every country in the Indian Ocean and was the cause of one of the greatest disasters in history. At least 227,898 people perished due mainly to the tsunami in 14 different countries and 1.7 million were displaced. The worst was stopped Indonesia with a confirmed death toll at around 130,000 to which should be added about 35,000 missing. In this country whole towns disappeared and some of these only managed to survive less than 10% of the existing population before the tsunami. In Sri Lanka more than 35,000 people died in India more than 12,000 and more than 5,000 in Thailand. The 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean is the most casualties caused in history.
1: Haiti earthquake in 2010 (estimated 316,000 dead)
The worst natural disaster of the century occurred on January 12, 2010. That day, a magnitude 7 earthquake shook Haiti and especially the most populated area of the country, the capital Port-au-Prince area. The fatalities occurred in the earthquake was ascending and months later were estimated at about 316,000, unable to give a specific figure. Some 300,000 people were injured and there were more than 1 million displaced. To get an idea of the magnitude of the disaster, the Haitian population according to the World Bank in 2011 would 10'12 million, implying that the earthquake of 2010 have died around 3% of the population Caribbean. The earthquake in Haiti stands as the worst earthquake in fatalities since 1900 (although some estimates of an earthquake in China in 1976 put the death toll at more than 650,000, which would relieve the second earthquake in Haiti).
[2] July 2010 in Argentina

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