Research. One Dollar and Masonic symbols . By Fabian Massa.

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The October 29, 1929 , called " Black Thursday " marked the beginning of " The Great Depression " . This crisis started in the U.S. It eventually affected almost all the World, I occupy the entire decade of the '30s and early '40s.
In 1934 , being president of the U.S. Roosevelt, his minister of agriculture Wallace proposes a change in the design of the dollar bill , ( which is the basis of the monetary system of the U.S., and that 49 % of tickets are one dollar ) .
The U.S. government was composed of Masons [ 1] ( like most everyone else) .
Finally in 1935 came the modern version of the one dollar bill . The mystical Masonic symbolism has been used in the U.S. currency from the beginning, and was employed as a means to distinguish money from the U.S. coins old world ( Europe) , which always had the bust of the reigning monarch .

The new dollar should be a strong symbol of the New Age to where the Roosevelt administration wanted to boost the nation , through the power of the American economy . This policy is known historically as New Deal.
New Deal [ 2] (" New Deal ") is the name given by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's interventionist policies implemented to combat the effects of the Great Depression in the United States. This program was developed between 1933 and 1938 with the aim of supporting the poorest sections of the population, financial reform and revitalize losmercados a U.S. economy since the Great Crash wound 29 by unemployment and bankruptcies .

Let us study as this dollar bill , starting with the front:

These are the texts containing the front:

ü Federal Reserve Note
ü " The United States of America!
ü " This note is legal tender for all debts public and private "
ü " Washington , DC "
ü " ONE - ONE"
ü " One Dollar "

The total number of letters in the words is 169 , ie 13 squared. Throughout the bill there are many references to the number 13, which is very important for American Masons , as were 13 original Colonies .

The front label also has some interesting things:

ü The balance represents justice
ü The key allowing entry to the occult.
ü The inverted "V" separates the balance of the key has 13 small stars .

Let us now turn to the back of the note :

The seal on the left:

Consider first the texts :

a. ANNUIT COEPTIS Latin: The phrase literally translated " justified things started ." It should be read in conjunction with the command "Eye of Horus" that Masons were led to believe that is the eye of God, when in fact the eye of their god. Within this context the phrase should be interpreted as follows: " Our god has said yes to the things we do " The phrase has 13 letters.

b . Novus Ordo Seclorum : Latin, "New Order of the Ages , or of the Ages " linked to the Illuminati phrase. The phrase has 17 letters, if you add MDCCLXXVI ( 1776 in Roman numerals) completed 26 characters , ie 13 x 2 . 1776 , year of the Independence of the United States but also date of the founding of the Illuminati of Bavaria.

Secondly, the symbols :

a. The truncated pyramid : It has 13 floors ( this number is repeated several times in the design and is a key number in Freemasonry ) . Sample 72 stones, a sacred number also refers to the 5-pointed star whose angles are 72 ° .

b . The 5 Point Star or Inverted Pentagram is also a sacred symbol for Satanists

The truncated pyramid represents esoteric initiatory steps of discipleship. The staircase leads to the " All-Seeing Eye " enclosed within a triangle. This is the Masonic symbol of the Grand Architect of the Universe that all lights , the Eye of Horus and Ra , and the missing cornerstone in the Great Pyramid and attract cosmic forces that used to enlighten and regenerate the initiate in the inner chambers .

c . You can draw an inverted pyramid following the design of the symbol:

We can see in the graph [3 ] where the marked letters reads: A ( former ) O ( order) N (noble) M ( mystic ) S ( Shrine = sanctuary) Ancient Order of Noble and Mystic Shrine, obviously the owner all-Seeing eye : Osiris / Horus , who definitely is their god.

If we join the dots is a six-pointed star , symbol of Solomon, the Great Builder we have left.

The Great Seal :

The Eagle is the symbol of the Occult Initiation Egyptian bird. The stars on top add 13. The Great Eye is now in the Pyramid. The Eagle has 13 arrows in its left leg and 13 olive branches in his right leg :
This means the power to make peace or war.

The wings have feathers 32 and 33 referring to the 32 degrees of the Scottish Rite and Honorary Degree 33 .

E pluribus unum The sentence is by the 13 colonies that melts into one nation .

The esoteric is present in everyday things like dollar bills. There is no better way to hide something you put to the view.

Week 70 is about to begin , are we ready ?


[3 ] Graphic taken from :


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