Reflection. Over- protection as a " distorted concept of love ." By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Tradcutor .

Many people confuse give " Love " with " all served to give love ." This occurs at the family level , couple and institutional levels (the " populist" policies tend to give to the less favored classes of the population of all simple and easy way ) .

Obviously the intent of overprotective is generally good :

  • The on - protector fails to see that the result of his attitude ends up ring to the other person .
  • Usually is so blind that any comments about this taking a " destructive criticism ."

The " give all served " has the result that the person learns not handle by itself and not value things ( because it will not cost anything). The over- protected person is not used to strive , and therefore does not have forged their own character to face the adversities of life .

The over- protected is a weak person with a high likelihood of failure.

We then a relationship between two parts :

  1. The overprotective or STRONG .
  2. The over- protected or WEAK .

Unaware FORT is despising the other , considering it as weak and unable to learn to do things for yourself , you should give them done.

A person who does not strive to achieve what you want or to overcome their limitations and who others will solve life becomes someone lazy, limited , uncertain and pools in their personal development.

The man or woman who lack initiative and wasted its potentials and strengths, feel inferior and are hurt in his dignity and self-esteem .

Jesus teaches that meeting only two premises be fulfilling all the law of God (Mark 12:30 - 31):
  1. Loving God
  2. Loving our neighbor as ourselves

If I feel strong, correct expression of my love the other is to help you be strong.
If I feel I'm worth , love the other is to show that faith in your abilities and have faith in God's love , which will help overcome.

Bless the other not to give them fish but teach him to fish .

  • If you love your natural children , not to protect yourself .
  • If you are a teacher / a , help your students grow strong and independent.
  • If you are a pastor / a of a congregation , please do not annul .

Week 70 is about to begin, only spiritually strong will stand firm to the end. Are we ready ?


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