Reflection. The World in the Church. By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

Some time ago , a man in the congregation who has over twenty years of service in the Way, told me ( with a knowing smile macho approval) that his son was 16 years old intimacy with your partner, a few years younger greater than the boy ) .

I pointed out to this man , whom I will call John, would not bragging if the same situation took his daughter fourteen years and as parents we must educate our children on the road to do well .

A second man , whom I'll call Peter says something like me proud : His fifteen year old son is " groom " with a girl from another church. Others that say, fifteen years old is not mature enough to make a commitment of this kind.

A third man , whom I'll call Luis , (a young brother about twenty years) tells me she is very happy because she has been dating a girl from the Church. I was very happy ( today we are experiencing a " shortage of marriages " ) so I want a successful courtship and a happy marriage. Luis turned pale and asked me "do not panic in those words ." I reminded him that for us Christians dating has the sole purpose of marriage.

Juan, Pedro and Luis represent the " Brother Standard " of a Pentecostal congregation :

a. While having a " Life Church " : They'll all cults, part of a cell or lead one part of the "Monitoring" , a ministry actively involved , attending all events , sing all the songs have in home all cults of " Anointed " and music CDs of the Church.

b . Not have a " Christian Life " : Never read their Bibles , pray do not , do not teach the Word in their homes (because they do not know ), his family attends church activities as if they were a social club.

These situations occur because they do not understand in greater depth Scripture. The fact kept virgin for marriage (which runs for both sexes ) is that when two people unite sexually soulish also fuse and spiritually (Gen. 2.24) Sex sealed a union (covenant ) in both the spiritual and people become one. This is because in this way we determined from the Beginning God . Who save this entry " Maker " ensures optimum performance in your life. And by contrast , who do not do is making sure to have serious flaws .

We need to return to the Word . Pastors, stop loving people together , raising unskilled workers , and stop this terrible experiment of cell groups where leadership does not understand anything and teaches bad. The biblical model is that the shepherds take care of the sheep, because they need to know who graze their craft.

Week 70 is about to begin , if Christ came today to be " His Church " , how many members of your congregation would be outside?
It 's back to the old way .


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