STUDY . We live because God breathed life into us. By Fabian Massa.

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About 16.1 Ezekiel 13

1. The word of the Lord came to me thus:
Two . Son of man , make known to Jerusalem her abominations.

The Lord speaks to his prophet and gives revelation about the origin of the problems of the nation (Israel ) which reveals his " abominable " things are , ie those things that are so repugnant that even want to remember. This text can be applied to a community or country and also on an individual.

Three . And say , Thus saith the Lord God to Jerusalem : By origin and your birth are you the land of Canaan . Your father was an Amorite and your mother Hittite .

The problem was that Israel was born as a nation in a territory inhabited by people outside the things of God . The Amorites and Hittites were people who practiced totally opposite to what God commands , including idolatrous practices were common , witchcraft , divination , sacrifice and adult children religions. Their societies were often harsh , where the strong and powerful abusing the poor and the weak.
If we take this to a personal story , you can say that growing up in a family where the parents and family were not pious practices and customs, the person may have suffered abuse from early childhood.

4 . When you were born , the day you were born , you did not cut the cord , you will not be washed with water to cleanse you , you will not rubbed with salt, nor wrapped in swaddling you .
May . No eye pitied thee, to grant any of these matters , out of compassion for you. You were exposed in the field , because you gave disgust, the day you were born .

Many have grown up with a tremendous lack of affection, without much care. I have ministered to people of mature age and have not been able to overcome the heartbreak of his childhood : Some were abandoned by their parents and raised by a family . Others were abused by their closest relatives , even a person once told me that his parents had been lying on the field to die and a hiker saved him from certain death .

6. I passed by you and saw you wallowing in your blood. And I told you when you were in your blood , "Live "

But God is saying that He was present at the time and saw everything that happened . Then said. "Live " and why we're here, because the Lord breathed the breath of life upon us.

7 ... And I made you grow like the grass of the fields. You grew up , like you developed , and reached the marriageable age . Your breasts were formed your hair grew , but you were completely naked.

In those moments where you wondered maybe " And where God was " when I was alone , fighting for my life , sometimes in fear of death and others with nothing to eat , cold and fear. The Lord says, "I was there and yet you did grow." Scripture speaks of Israel as a young man, and refers to a development and was " naked ," meaning exposed , helpless , shame, weakness, unprotected .

8. Then I passed by you and saw you . It was your time, the time of loves. I spread over you the edge of my mantle and covered your nakedness I promised with an oath , I made a covenant with you - declares the Lord Yahweh - and you were mine.

Cover the nakedness ( shame cover ) The Lord took the girl to wife , to give a name and address it. Figuratively is the covenant that God makes each of us when we recognize the name of Jesus and make a pact to be His children that He is our Father.

9. I bathed with water, washed the blood covering you , anointed you with oil .

That is, in this covenant with the Lord washed our sins cleansed us of our sinfulness and were anointed with the Holy Spirit.

10. I put embroidered dresses, fine leather shoes , a band of fine linen and silk robe .
11. I adorned you with jewelry : I put bracelets on your wrists and a necklace around your neck.
12. I put a ring on your nose , earrings on your ears and a beautiful crown on your head.
13 . You shone like gold and silver , clothed in fine linen , silk and embroidered . Flour , honey and oil was your food. You became more beautiful every day , and came to the splendor of a queen. Ezekiel 16.1 - 13 Jerusalem Bible [1 ] .

All this to start a new life, with the assurance that if we persevere in the Way, attain salvation.

We live by it has been His will to have life . Some of us have already agreed with him and have a new life .
Others do not know yet. If you belong to this group , know that even in their moments of greatest distress and darkness The Lord was there. He gave life to give you a chance to know him , because God has a purpose for each of us .

Get close to God and He will cleanse , heal old wounds will show mercy and teach you His will for your life.
Only God can make us new creatures, old things pass and that everything is made ​​new . [2]

Week 70 is about to begin . This is your time of salvation, accept Christ into your heart and start a new life.


[1] # ixzz2mLvjRSvB
[2 ] 2nd Corinthians 5.17


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