Reflection. The message of the prophets , by Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

In recent times there have been countless " Prophetic Ministries " some of them "To the Nations " (which mostly just come to Miami). Most of these ministers have wonderful prophecies of prosperity and are close to the cities problems ( droughts , forest fires, violence, misery ) organizing " campaigns Miracles" and inviting people to go to " receive blessing."

But when we review such facts in the Bible , we see that the mode of action of the biblical prophets was totally different . For example see the first chapter of the Book of Joel (NIV )

1 This is the word of the Lord that came to Joel son of Petuel .

First fundamental : God had given a specific word for prophet and had sent him to preach the Word.

2Hear this, you elders of the people !
    Pay attention , all inhabitants of the country!

The prophet to the " elders of the people " is headed advice ( rulers ) and citizens all .

Ever such thing happened
    in his time or that of their ancestors ?
3 Tell it to your children,
    and that they would have their own,
    and these in the next generation.

The prophet calls their attention to the current situation, speaker of the adverse reality they are facing , to begin to understand that it is a consequence of turning away from God and not just a problem " conjectural " .

4 That which left the great locusts
    small locusts devoured ;
which left the small lobsters
    larvae ate it ;
and left by the larvae
    caterpillars ate him . [ a]

This is an indication that the problem did not arise from nothing, but that has been brewing for some time, has had a process.

5Awake, you drunkards, and weep !
    Wail , all delivered to wine
    sweet wine that was taken away from his lips.

Drunks can not read reality, the prophet is not saying that the priests were able to see the problem and its development until it inevitably exploded under his nose and the consequences were the impoverishment and ruin.

6 A nation powerful and innumerable
    has invaded my country :
has dandelions,
    fangs of a lioness .
7 He hath laid my vine ,
    He broke off my fig trees.
The peeled up leaving their branches white ;
    The demolished completely!

In the case of my country, Argentina , have large urban areas where drugs , crime , prostitution, drug violence to become popular neighborhoods in cities of death: In this case this was the powerful enemy that has devastated society. This would not have happened if the company had been strong and ready.

8 Mi people groan as virgin dressed in mourning
    by the death of her fiance.
9 grain offerings and libations
    and are not offered in the house of the Lord.
Mourners priests
    the ministers of the Lord.
10 fields lie devastated
    land is parched ;
cereals have been razed ,
    has dried the new wine
    and drained the oil.
11 sequense you too , farmers ;
    groan , tenants ,
for wheat and barley,
    because you missed the harvest fields .
12 The vine is withered ;
    languished the fig tree ;
withered pomegranate ,
    palm trees, apple trees,
    All the trees of the field !
And to the joy of the people will eventually wither !

Call to repentance

13 Clothe yourselves with grief and groan , priests ;
    lament , ministers of the altar.
Come, ye ministers of my God ,
    and spend the night dressed in mourning,
because the grain offerings and libations
    have been suspended in the house of his God.
14 Surrender to fasting
    call a sacred assembly.

This is a call that the prophet makes priests , to lament the lack of resources as a result of the sin of the people, their laziness to see and understand reality.

Gather the elders of the people
    in the house of the Lord your God ;
together all the inhabitants of the country,
    and cry out to the Lord.

The order of the prophet to the priests is that you meet people and teach all the calamities that are happening is a result of the nation lives apart from God

15Alas for the day , the day of the Lord, for he is coming!
    It will come as a destruction from the Almighty .

16 Are we not snatched food
    before our eyes ,
and joy and exhilaration
    the house of our God ?
17 The seed is rotten
    despite having been cultivated . [b ]
The silos are in ruins
    and barns demolished
    because the harvest was lost.
18How roars the flock!
    Cows wander aimlessly
because they have nowhere to graze,
    and also suffer the sheep.

19 A I cry , Lord ,
    For fire has devoured the pastures of the steppe ;
    flames have consumed all the wild trees.
20 Even the wild animals seek you eagerly ,
    because the streams have dried
    and fire has devoured the pastures of the steppe.

The call is to repentance.

The message for Argentina :

Pastors, call the Rulers to repentance because their policies have been bad , because they have agreed with the witches and with paganism. Because they have stolen and mismanaged the resources of the Nation. Because they have corrupted justice
Summon the people to pray , to repent. Stop being calling for " lavish parties " " Cults of Miracles" ( Get your 4 x 4) when the nation is on fire, when looting , energy , financial crisis ( several provinces will reissue quasi currencies) moral , ethical and faith.

Wake up drunk , Joel would say .

Week 70 is about to begin . Are we ready ?


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