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The Christmas tree.

I approached this summary note from Wikipedia about the traditional " Christmas tree " . Each draw their conclusions.
When the first Christians arrived in northern Europe, found that its inhabitants celebrated the birth of Frey, god of the sun and fertility , decorating an evergreen tree at the date next to the Christian Christmas. This tree symbolized the tree of the universe , called Yggdrasil , whose glass Asgard ( the dwelling of the gods) and Valhalla ( the deOdín palace ) was , and in the deepest roots was Helheim (the realm of the dead). Later, with the evangelization of these peoples, conversos3 took the idea of the tree to celebrate the birth of Christ, but totally changing the meaning.

It is said that St. Boniface ( 680-754 ) , evangelist from Germany, took an ax and cut a tree representing the Yggdrasil ( although it could also be a tree sacred to Thor) , and instead planted a pine, that being perennial symbolized the love of God , adorning it with apples and candles. Apples symbolize the original sin and temptation , while candles represent the light of Jesus Christ as light of the world . As time went on , apples and lights, were transformed into spheres and other embellishments.

Following the tradition of putting gifts for kids under the tree , sent by St. Nicholas ( and Santa Claus ) or the Magi, depending on the legend of the area where it is added . According to the Catholic Church and other Christian churches, December 25 is the date observed by the pagans of antiquity as the birthday of the son of the Mother of Heaven, and Nimrod associated with the sun god. Semiramis and his followers claimed that on December 25, an evergreen tree sprang overnight from a dry stump in Babylon and Nimrod would secretly every year at the same time to make present in the tree.
But in order to convert the heathen peoples to Christianity, the Catholic Church, established December 25 as the birth date of Jesus, instead of celebrating a pagan god, we would be celebrating the Judeo-Christian God. C3% 81rbol_de_Navidad

Week 70 is about to begin , are we still tied to pagan traditions ?


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