Reflection. Stay vs . Persevere . By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

Stay [1 ]
intr . Remain unchanged in one place , state or condition .

Stay in spanish "permanecer" comes from Latin permanere , being in one place all the time per compound prefixed with (full as perplexed and perseverance ) and the verb manere (hence mansion : that is to stay in one place ) . [2 ]

Persevere [3 ]
 intr . Continue to record what has been started :
The word comes from the Latin perseverantia persistence (perseverance, insistence) this word implies firmness and constancy in certain action.

Many remain in the Church, without major changes. They worship on Saturday or Sunday. They share the group class once a week . Almost never remember which is preached or taught last week. Do not take notes , do not read the Bible, pray. They entered the road , but do not advance , it come in somewhere? For every path is to walk.
The Word clearly indicates that we have a rhythm and a breakthrough on the Road :

8 there will be a walkway
    to be called Highway of Holiness .
No she will travel the impure ,
    or transit through fools ;
    will be only for those who follow the path. Isaiah 35.8 NIV .

By the Way may only transit who truly are in the process of sanctification each day. There will those who still practice sin. Nor will the fools , ie those knowing what to do , they do . The road is only for those who walk, ie they move , those who persevere .

Week 70 is about to begin , you will still remain in the Way warming your chair every Sunday in worship ? Or do firmly persevere in the path of looking forward and helping others to come to him ?




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