STUDY . The Bible and the Hydrological Cycle . By Fabian Massa.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

There are two passages in the Bible that speak specifically of the hydrological cycle . The hydrologic cycle or water cycle is the process of movement of water between the different compartments of the hydrosphere [1 ] .

A. The first is found in Job 36 :

 27 " He draws up the drops of water
   flowing as rain to the streams ;
28 the clouds pour down rain ,
    falling in torrents upon mankind .
29 Who understands the extent of the clouds
    and the sound coming out of his pavilion? NIV .

The water cycle is a constant interaction with any ecosystem , as all living things depend on this to survive. The main processes involved in the water cycle , which is describing Job (1440 - 1400 BC ) are:

1. Condensation : The water evaporated from the surface of rivers , lakes and seas rises and condenses into clouds , formed by water droplets.

Two . Precipitation : This occurs when the water droplets that form clouds accelerating cooled condensation and water droplets joining to form larger drops that end up rushing to the earth's surface due to its greater weight. Precipitation can be solid (snow or hail ) or liquid (rain).

B. The second passage is Ecclesiastes 1.7 ( 900 BCE ) :

7 All the rivers run into the sea ,
but the sea is never full .
At the point of origin become rivers ,
    and from there back to fluir.NVI .

This text completes the water cycle :

Three . Feedback : The sources feeds rainwater groundwater ( infiltration ) rivers , lakes and seas .
April . New beginning : The whole cycle starts again .

The Hydrologic Cycle was discovered by Pierre Perrault [2 ] in 1674 , but God had anticipated in His Word. For what purpose ? That we understand that He is God and we believe in what he says.

Week 70 is about to begin . Salvation is by believing in God and His Word .
Are we ready ?


[1 ] The hydrosphere or hydrosphere (from Greek hydros υδρός : 'water' and σφαιρα sphaira : ' sphere ' ) described in Earth Sciences material system consisting of water that is under and on the surface of the Earth .


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