SHARED. The difference between "Power" and "The Presence" of God. About a sermon by Pastor Claudio Freidzon.

Treasures of Wisdom shares with us a post based on the cult of Pastor Claudio Freidzon on Saturday July 20, 2013.

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

Pastors Claudio and Betty Freidzon, King of Kings Church of Belgrano - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This post is based on the message of Pastor Claudio Freidzon on Saturday July 20, 2013.

A. Introduction

Pastor Claudio began his speech by referring to Friendship Day, since it was always highly valued friendship and the Bible talks about its importance. The pastor chose the following passage:
At any time friend loves to help the brother born for adversity.
Proverbs 17.17 NIV.

This text expresses an ideal, a perfect friend who will never fail us nor forsake us. Thing is humanly impossible. But Jesus came to fulfill this Word, He is faithful and true friend:

ü Jesus reveals to us the whole Word of God (John 15:15)
ü Jesus gives us life because He is the Life (John 14:6)
ü Jesus gave us the greatest proof of love possible, giving His life for ours (John 15:13)
ü Jesus gave his promise to be with us always (Matthew 28:20)

Thus, Jesus is our best friend, He has given us a unique possibility: Log freely in the Presence of God. This capability is part of the New Testament, for Jesus this was previously unthinkable. Recall that in the Bible is established that in the A. T. that:

ü The people could only stand in the courtyard of Tempo
ü The only priests could enter the Holy Place
ü Only the High Priest could only enter the Most Holy Place, making blood sacrifices first for his own sins.


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