Persecution of Christians in the U.S. Navy. By Fabian Massa

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator.

Matthew 24.9 -14. 
On May 5, 2013 came out in the media unthinkable news:
The administration led by Barak Hussein Obama has released a statement confirming that any soldier who profess Christianity can now be brought before a court martial and imprisoned with a dishonorable discharge.
Now, the Pentagon says that “religious proselytizing is not permitted within the Department of Defense … courts-martial and nonjudicial punishment will be decided case by case …”. This statement follows a recent meeting between Pentagon officials and anti-Christian activist Mikey Weinstein, who helped design the new punishments for Christians who dare to commit “hate crime” of sharing their faith with others.
Weinstein is the director of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation [1], and says that Christians, including chaplains are guilty of “treason” by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and also are guilty of committing an act of “spiritual rape” as serious as “sexual violation”. She also stated that Christians who share their faith in the armed forces are “enemies of the Constitution.”
Thus advisers of President Barack Obama at the Pentagon is confirming that the military Christians share their faith will be committing a crime “and as a result: prison. This includes military chaplains and officers who are ordained clergy of their faith (mostly Christian pastors and Jewish rabbis “whose service since the founding of the U.S. military under George Washington is intended to teach their faith and minister to the spiritual needs of the troops who come to them for advice, instruction or emotional support.
This regulation will severely limit the expressions of Judeo-Christian faith in the armed forces, even among close friends. It could also abolish the office of chaplain in the army, and would not allow chaplains (or any member of the service, for that matter) talk about their faith [2].
Whenever society turns away from God, away from all the good that His Word has inspired: All codes of Justice of the Western World are based on the Word of God, the Bible out the commandments [3]:
 A day of rest from work for all men and beasts.
· Honor your father and your mother.
· Do not kill.
· Do not commit adultery.
· You shall not steal.
· Do not bear false witness against your brother.
· You shall not covet your neighbor. Exodus 20:1-17
Well away from what is inevitably approaching the Bad.
Week 70 is about to begin, are we ready?
Image: Marines praying before going into battle.
[1] The Military Foundation for Religious Freedom is an observatory of government and civil rights whose purpose is to ensure that members of the Armed Forces U.S. receive the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom, including the absence of religion among its members, as stated in the First Amendment.
According to its website, the Foundation’s specific missions:
· No religion or religious philosophy should be on another in the army.
· No member of the armed forces may be required to participate in any particular religion or religious philosophy
· No member of the armed forces may be required to participate in any religious exercise.
· No member of the armed forces may be forced to cut – except in very limited circumstances where direct impact on military discipline, moral and successful completion of a specific military objective – the free exercise of their religious beliefs or practices.
· Students in the Military Academies of the United States is entitled to the same constitutional rights to religious freedom and the free exercise of the freedoms that other members of the Armed Forces.
· No member of the Armed Forces may be forced to endure unwanted religious proselytizing, evangelism or persuasion of any kind on a military and / or by a superior military or civilian employee of the army.
· The full exercise of religious freedom includes the right not to subscribe to not practice any religion. It is the responsibility of the military hierarchy ensure that it respects the free exercise of religious freedom of all enlisted personnel.
· All military personnel have the right to use appropriate legal channels to protect their rights on religion.


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