STUDY. Germany sells its churches. The advance of Islam in Europe.

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When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?

Luke 8.18 B. NIV.

Excerpt from the article published in the Daily Paí in 31 - 03 - 2013 [1]

The Catholic Church sold under Share Inmobilien, a chapel and a church built in the last century in the states of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and faithful were orphaned.

The Protestant Church closed between 1990 and 2010, 340 of which 46 temples were demolished and it is possible that another thousand temples have to be closed in the next two decades because of a problem that the pastor Maiwack Reinhardt, spokesman for the institution, knows by heart. "Between 120,000 and 150,000 people leave the Church every year," said Pastor El Pais.

The Catholic Church statistics are similar. According to the 2011-2012 annual report of the Episcopal Conference, 126,488 people left in 2011 the German Catholic Church, a drain that forced the bishops to close more than 400 temples.

While Christianity back in Germany, the birthplace of Protestantism, Islam advances across Europe: The plan is simple:

1. The Pata policy:
On the one hand, by the "Arab Spring" more extreme Islamic organizations, have been behind all the popular uprisings of recent years. They have supported the people to overthrow their tyrants, and now is replacing their governments for their political party the "Muslim Brotherhood". These Muslim Brotherhood are the mainstream in the Arab world and is presumed to win elections in the future there in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and probably in Libya, of course. While for Arabs Muslim Brotherhood are not as radical as those that propose a Jijad against "Western infidels and Christians", some comments point out the concern of those same people that are imposed in the elections would be in danger because some gains made for example, that women can drive a car or go to college.
2. Having children conquer the world: The Islamic comply with the priestly duty practicing and teaching Islam to their wives and children. But among us Christians, the Bible reading is poor and the practice of Christian life poorer still. As an active member of my church, ever cost me more than the "disciples" are truly disciples.
While the birth rate in the Eurozone for Europeans has an average of 1.30 children per woman, the Muslims in Europe have sustained growth, because they are polygamous and do birth control. In a few years, Muslims will be the majority in Europe.

Christianity was born in the Middle East, hence the "Fire of God" spread to Europe while fading in the Holy Land.
Europe spread to North America. While North America was on, Europe is extinguished.
America sent missionaries to the rest of the continent, and so went on Latin America while the North was fading.
Now Latin America has turned Africa while she is lost in the preaching of the Gospel livianita Rosa and Prosperity.

Christ is coming soon, keep our lamps with oil. Lest we run out of the marriage of the Lamb. Seventy Week is about to begin.

The following information are UN data [2]:

 Data Muslim population in the world
Muslims worldwide: 1,678,442,000 (1998)
Muslims in Asia: 1,022,692,000 (1996)
Muslims in Africa: 492 282 000 (1,996)
Percentage of Muslims in the world (1996): 26%
Growth Rate (1994-1995): 6.40% (Source: UN)
Christianity growth rate (1994-1995): 1.46% (Source UN)

North America: 25%
Africa: 2.5%
Asia: 12.57%
Europe: 142.35%
Latin America: -4.35%
Australia: 257.01%

Total Population: 1.246.871.000 (July 1999)
Muslim 3%, approximately 40 million

Total population: 146,393,000
Muslims: 14%, slightly more than 20 million

Total population: 82,087,000
Muslims: 1.7%, more than 2,000,000, mainly of Turkish origin

Total population: 59,113,000
Muslim: 2.5%, about 1 ½ million

Total population: 58,978,000
Muslims: 5%, approximately 3 million

Total population: 5,749,000
Muslims: 14.6%, approximately 850,000

Total population: 1,000,848,000
Muslims: 14%, approximately 140 million

Total population: 272,639,000
Muslim: 2.1%, approximately 6,000,000

Total population: 754,064
Muslims: 18%, 135,000

Total population: 8,194,000
Muslims: 13%, 1.065 million

Total population: 3,482,000
Muslims: 40%, 1.393 million

Total population: 3,364,000
Muslims: 70%, 2.355 million

Total population: 39,176,000
Muslim: 1.02%, approximately 400,000 (mostly concentrated in Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia, Andalucía, Ceuta, Melilla and the Balearic Islands).

Total population: 79,345,000
Muslims: 5%, approximately 4,000,000

Total population: 113,828,000
Muslims: 60%, 68 million

Total population: 22,804,000
Muslims: 20%, 4,500,000

Total population: 31,270,000
Muslims: 40%, 12.5 million

Total population: 18,887,000
Muslims: 30%, 5.667 million


Total population: 2,022,000
Muslims: 30%, more than 600,000

Total population: 65.6 million
Muslims: 99.8%

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